Motorola’s New, Foldable Razr Is Finally Going up for Preorder

Motorola RAZR 2019 2020 Credit: MonicaZ82 / Shutterstock
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The wait for Motorola’s highly-anticipated folding Razr smartphone may soon be coming to an end.

Last month, Motorola delayed the availability and release of its Razr smartphone just six days before preorders opened. That appeared to be the result of consumer demand that it didn’t anticipate.

Now, Verizon has officially announced that the delay is over. The Moto Razr will go up for preorder this Sunday, Jan. 26. It’ll ship to consumers and arrive in-store on Thursday, Feb. 6.

If you aren’t familiar, the new Razr is a modern reboot of the classic flip phone. But while it scores obvious points for its nostalgic design, it also has a few new tricks of its own.

That includes a foldable 6.2-inch OLED display paired with a 2.7-inch QuickView display. It also features an innovative hinge mechanism that won’t crease the folding screen.

Under the hood, the device is a pretty standard Android flagship with a Snapdragon 720 processor, 6GB of RAM, a 16MP primary camera (that can double as a selfie shooter), and a 5MP front-facing camera. But the device lacks some flagship features like wireless charging or optical image stabilization for the camera.

As far as special features, the Moto Razr sports a “classic mode” that emulates its namesake from the early aughts.

The Moto Razr won’t come cheap, however. It starts at $1,499.99. That’s pretty steep, but is very much in line with other foldable smartphones of this type.

Other Foldable Devices

Of course, that also means that the Razr may run into the same type of trouble as the Samsung Galaxy Fold — which really put the brakes on foldable smartphones in an incredibly embarrassing way.

With that being said, folding smartphones are still a nascent technology and all of the manufacturers working on their own models are undoubtedly ironing out the kinks.

Speaking of which, Android isn’t the only operating system that could see a foldable device.

There are a long line of rumors suggesting that Apple is developing its own foldable smartphone, possibly as a cross between an iPad and an iPhone. While rumors about Apple foldable smartphone tech are numerous, there’s still no word on when (or if) we may see a folding iPhone.

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