Microsoft’s New Surface Laptop Takes on Apple with Magic Keyboard-Like Design, 120Hz Display

Microsoft Studio Hero Credit: Microsoft
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Hot on the heels of Apple’s big iPhone and iPad reveal, Microsoft hopes to steal some of the spotlight with its newest Surface laptop.

The new Surface Laptop Studio has a fresh design that emphasizes the laptop’s high refresh rate display. Microsoft unveiled its latest Surface laptop this week at the company’s annual Fall Surface event.

One of the Surface Laptop Studio’s core features is its 120Hz high-refresh-rate display. The high refresh rate sets it apart from Apple’s MacBook laptops which have yet to receive the company’s ProMotion upgrade. The iPad Pro and the new iPhone 13 Pro are the only Apple products equipped with the company’s 120Hz ProMotion display.

Another selling point of the Surface Laptop Studio is the display’s 360-degree hinge. You can use the laptop in the typical clamshell configuration with the keyboard next to the display.

The screen also can fold backward, allowing you to use the laptop in tablet mode with the optional stylus. You also can move the screen over the keyboard and prop it up next to the touchpad allowing you to use the touchpad and touchscreen for input.

Apple fans will recognize this configuration. It makes the Surface Laptop Studio look just like an iPad Pro with a Magic keyboard. The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio starts at $1599 for a Core i5 processor, integrated graphics, 16GB RAM, 256GB of storage, and Windows 11.

The Surface Laptop Studio also supports a stylus which is available for an additional $165. Pre-orders are available now, with an expected launch date of October 5, 2021. 

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