Microsoft’s Highly-Anticipated Xbox One S Is Dropping on August 2

Microsoft’s Highly-Anticipated Xbox One S Is Dropping on August 2
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Gamers of the world, rejoice. Microsoft has confirmed today that sleeker and more minimalist Xbox One S will be released on August 2. More specifically, it is the 2TB launch edition, priced at $399, that is slated to be released in select regions, as The Verge reports. This is puzzling because Microsoft has yet to announce the releases of its more modestly priced models that come with less storage (1TB and 500 GB).

The Washington Post notes that Microsoft has yet to respond to any requests for comment regarding its launch schedule and when its $300 Xbox One S can be expected to hit stores.

The highly anticipated Xbox One S is an upgraded version of its precursor, the Xbox One, which came out nearly three years ago. It is slimmer, sleeker, and is 40% smaller overall, according to The Washington Post. One distinctive difference is that the Xbox One S comes only in white instead of black. Another is that it is capable of supporting 4K and HDR video along with Bluetooth connectivity, which are all additional pluses.

Those who recently purchased a $500 Xbox One may want to hold off on pre-ordering the Xbox One S on the Microsoft website or Amazon. Microsoft is expected to release the far more powerful and advanced Project Scorpio in the fall of 2017.

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