You Can Now Let Mario Guide You to Your Destination in Google Maps

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After announcing a limited-time promotional sale of 50 percent off the $9.99 purchase price of Super Mario Run, Nintendo has partnered with Google to announce this morning that  everyone’s favorite pot-bellied Italian plumber will be making a brief but star-studded appearance on Google Maps Navigation, according to TechCrunch.

The limited-time feature, which Google announced on Friday, will enable Google Maps users who opt in and download the latest version of Google’s turn-by-turn navigation software to have Mario personally guide and accompany them to their destination.

“After entering in your destination, you’ll notice a yellow question mark (?) icon at the bottom right of the app’s screen” TechCrunch noted.

“Tap this, and you’ll get a prompt to enable Mario Time.”

At that point, the standard Blue navigation arrow in Google Maps will effectively be replaced with a digital Mario icon. Seated in his iconic red go-kart, Mario will replace the boring blue arrow and serve as a guiding companion for your entire trip.

If Mario Time doesn’t appear for you, try force closing Google Maps and restarting the app.

Google said in its official announcement that the feature will be instated for a full week, and will begin rolling out sometime Friday afternoon, meaning users will be able to enjoy Mario’s company for a bit longer than just Mario Day.

Ironically, the Silicon Valley search giant suggests that Google Maps users can “take a screenshot of your route and share it with @GoogleMaps on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #MarioMaps.” Although the company does warn to exercise caution when posting these screenshots, making sure to avoid sharing personal details like home or work addresses.

Google likewise cautions users who partake of the feature, which can only be found in the latest Google Maps update, to practice safe driving — and to remember that, out on the open road, we need not worry about the likelihood of unexpected banana peels or red shells being thrown in our path.

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