Leaked Video Shows Truly Foldable Smartphone Prototype of the Future

Lenovo Folding Smartphone Credit: Phoneia
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As high-end smartphones continue to increase in size and functionality, some of the world’s leading vendors have begun investing their valuable R&D dollars in the research and development of newer and more innovative device form-factors — specifically, those that would allow for even larger and higher-equality touchscreen displays in even more portable form-factors.

Samsung is probably the closest to releasing the world’s first truly foldable smartphone for the general market.. And while it won’t come cheap, at an estimated $2,000, the Galaxy X is slated to offer a number of ground-breaking and first-of-its-kind features, including as many as three displays, but at least one foldable OLED panel measuring in at 7.3-inches.

Even Apple has been dabbling in the foldable smartphone space, having previously received a number of foldable iPhone patents — with some analysts even predicting a foldable iPhone could launch by 2020 — though the patents alone would confirm the iPhone-maker is at the very least interested in the foldable smartphone concept.

New Video Leak

Now, for the very first time, we’re able to see for ourselves how a foldable smartphone functions, courtesy of a brief but compelling video uploaded to Twitter this week by user @bang_gogo_. The self-described Tech micro-blogger is known for covering leaks, news and reviews for multiple international tech news outlets including GSM Arena, Gizmodo China and more.

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