Leak Allegedly Shows Rollover Data Among Other New Features Coming to Verizon Plans

Verizon’s "Free" Wireless Data Program Enters Beta Phase
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Rumor has it that Verizon is going to upgrade their data plans with some big features next week.

Verizon Wireless will reportedly start offering rollover data to its mobile plans, as well as a “safety mode” feature that lets customers use a slower data plan if they run out of 4G LTE data in a billing cycle, according to a leaked promotional image posted on Reddit.

Verizon’s rollover data feature echoes similar plans released by AT&T and T-Mobile in 2014. Interestingly enough, Verizon said last year that they would not be introducing any carryover data plans.

The “safety mode” feature may also do away with overage fees, allowing users to use non-4G LTE data if they run over their limit, instead of just buying more, according to CNET. “Safety Mode” is reportedly free for XL and XXL subscribers, but will be $5 a month for customers on other plans, according to PhoneArena.

In addition to these features, the leaked image also shows that the mobile service provider will add roaming Mexico and Canada service to its customers with XL and XXL mobile plans — allowing them to take their talk, text and data plans with them abroad at no additional cost.

The image supposedly comes from a Verizon test site that sometimes leaks new offerings before they arrive on Verizon’s main website, according to ArsTechnica. The image was posted by a Reddit user on the Verizon Subreddit.

Another Reddit user commented that the image can be seen when checking out on the test website, and told others to see for themselves.

Verizon declined to comment on the matter, except to tell news websites that they should expect “fireworks” sometime next week.

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