Instagram’s New Algorithm Enrages Users with Non-Chronological Feed

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Instagram has plans to make controversial changes to their photo and video sharing platform as early as next month. Earlier this year in March, Instagram announced that it would be getting rid of the chronological order for its feeds and would adopt a similar feed style to Facebook, which means the service will “guess” which photos you would want to see and put those towards the top.

Instagram is now saying that they are making the change permanent and is rolling it out in the next few weeks.

The company says they are making this algorithm driven feed “ordered to show the moments we believe that you will care about the most.” According to the company, the millennial generation fails to notice an average of 70% of what happens in their feeds. This is because the larger one’s ‘following’ base is, the more difficult it is to monitor all of the images and videos posted on their feed.

Despite Instagram’s best intention, the new change has been met with general panic and dismay from users who are less than happy with the update. If Instagram wants to keep users happy, it would be in their best interest to make this change optional like Facebook has.

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