Griffin Unveils Futuristic Smart Mirror, Smart Coffee Maker, and…Smart Toaster

Griffin Smart Mirror
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The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show has already seen a host of splashy announcements and the debuts of a bevy of exciting new products. This year, Griffin has taken a stab at winning a larger portion of the smart home market and generating positive buzz by unveiling a set of connected products including a toaster, mirror, and coffee maker.

The Connected Coffee Maker is a Bluetooth-compatible coffee machine. Users can order up to 12 cups of joe on demand through a companion smartphone app, meaning you can start your coffee maker in bed or as you walk through your front door. It will retail for $99.99 and launch sometime in spring 2017.

The Connected Toaster is similarly priced at $99.99 and has controls that allow you to adjust temperature according to bread type as well as darkness. The companion smartphone app can remember your toast preferences, in case you forget. It’s not the most heady or innovative device, admittedly, and for those of you with limited plans, it may take up more data and storage space than a toaster is worth. But at least it’s not ridiculously overpriced.

The most exciting Griffin product is undoubtedly the Connected Mirror, a sleek and futuristic-looking mirror that connects to your home Wi-Fi. Whenever you touch its reflective and capacitive surface, the mirror will display the time, local weather, phone notifications, and updates from your other Griffin products. It looks cool, but will cost you $1000 to own. It’s a lot to pay to save you the trouble of momentarily diverting your gaze from your mirror to your smartphone to check the weather, but perhaps that isn’t the point.

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