Google CEO: We’ll Drop Everything to Fix Cheeseburger Emoji

Google CEO: We'll Drop Everything to Fix Cheeseburger Emoji
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai has his priorities in order. The undoubtedly busy tech executive said Google would “drop everything” Monday to address what is obviously the most pressing issue over in Mountain View, California: its cheeseburger emoji.

The company’s version of the cheeseburger emoji sparked some heated debate over the weekend.

The controversy started Saturday when author and writer Thomas Baekdal tweeted a photo of Google’s burger emoji compared to Apple’s.

“I think we need to have a discussion about how Google’s burger emoji is placing the cheese underneath the burger, while Apple puts it on top,” he wrote.

Indeed, Google’s placement of its virtual cheese slice is apparently straight-out blasphemy to most burger-lovers. But any snarky exaggeration aside, we’re unaware of any burger chain that stacks its burgers this way. And for good reason: how, exactly, would one get the cheese slice to melt and drip down like that? Luckily, Pichai took notice of his company’s misstep and promised swift action in a tweet.

Of course, while a slice of cheese undoubtedly belongs on top of the patty, the order of the rest of the ingredients might be up for debate.

Apple gets the cheese right but places the lettuce underneath the patty on its emoji. That may be a bit atypical, but it’s the way that In-N-Out stacks its burgers. And if you know anything about Californians, you know that In-N-Out may possibly be our most beloved and important institution. On the other hand, the tomato should be underneath the lettuce for a true West Coast icon.

Microsoft’s burger emoji is pretty typical, and probably gets as close to the all-American standard as anyone. Samsung, however, commits another grievous burger-sin by placing its digital cheese on top of the lettuce for its emoji.

Google’s emoji problems don’t end at burgers, either. As you can see below, the company also doesn’t seem to know how the physics of beer work.

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