First Smart Mirror on the Market Monitors Your Skin and Offers Tips to Improve It

First Smart Mirror on the Market Monitors Your Skin and Offers Tips to Improve It
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While there have been other concept smart mirrors in the past, the HiMirror is the first device to actually go on the market; and more interestingly, the mirror will analyze your complexion and give you tips on how to improve it.

It’s a 5.5-pound mirror with a 14-inch LCD screen and a camera. A ring flash helps light your face up for better-quality images. It works by snapping a daily picture of your face, and analyzing your wrinkles, dark spots, circles, red spots and pores. This, in turn, tracks how your complexion changes over time, and it can flag your “problem” areas, according to The International Business Times.

The device then offers tips on how to improve your skin. In addition, the HiMirror can play skin-care tutorial videos, stream Spotify, and even show you the day’s weather — with the UV index, of course. In addition to your complexion, the HiMirror can track which beauty products you use to determine how effective they are. To do that, you simply hold the product’s barcode up to the camera, and the HiMirror will automatically scan it and add it to your “Beauty Box,” Engadget reported.

There are also integrated iOS and Android apps that allow you to analyze and track your skin on-the-go. Interacting with the device itself is largely done by camera, motion gestures, or limited voice commands. Additionally, the company sells a “smart scale” that pairs with the HiMirror. Just like the HiMirror promises to fix your complexion, the included scale will measure and analyze weight and body fat percentages, and send the data to the HiMirror — which will offer tips on how to get to whatever goal weight you enter into the device.

For the privacy-minded, HiMirror has promised that all of the data that the device collects is encrypted and anonymous. Additionally, the device can only be unlocked by recognizing your face or a spoken passphrase. For those who have a piece of tape over their webcam, the HiMirror has a shutter that can cover up the mirror’s camera when not in use.

The HiMirror launched in the U.S. in October, and retails for $189. The mirror and smart scale package is currently priced at $229 for the holiday season on the company’s website.

Does a smart mirror, that points out your flaws, sound like a worthwhile investment?
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