Can You Actually Make Money Charging Bird Electric Scooters?

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Bird electric scooters have officially taken over Southern California. They are inexpensive to rent and can make transportation through a busy city like San Diego or Los Angeles absolutely painless.

These scooters are fast and fun to ride, so whether you just need to get from point A to point B, or are looking for an exciting way to spend a sunny afternoon, Bird electric scooters are a no brainer. They’re relatively affordable too; at just $1 to start and 15 cents per minute, you won’t break the bank scooting through your neighborhood.

While Bird scooters have opened up a new avenue for some fun in the sun, they’ve also created new jobs for those looking for a side hustle.

But with a new gig comes new questions, so we’ve set out to answer those questions you might have before becoming a Bird Charger.

Note: The information found in this article is based on estimates. Actual figures and results are not guaranteed.

How Do They Charge Bird Scooters?

Individuals partake in a part-time gig where they help collect Birds with low batteries, charge them at their place of residence (or anywhere for that matter) and redistribute them back into the city.

The contracted employees are required to pay the fees associated with picking up the Birds (i.e. a truck or van, gas, etc.) and the electricity it takes to charge the Birds.

Here is information from the Bird Charger job description on Wayup:

– NO LIMIT to how much you can make.
– Work at your own pace.

– Access to a garage, house or office with outlets for charging.
– A car, truck, or SUV which can transport Birds.
– A smartphone.

– Earn $5 per Bird/per night for charging the battery
– Charge 5-20+ vehicles per night.

How Much Electricity Does It Take to Charge a Bird Scooter?

After reaching out to Bird to learn the exact make and model of their scooters, a spokesperson replied “That is proprietary information that we do not discuss.”

Based on the design of the scooters however, I can infer that Bird scooters are made by Segway, and are the ES2 KickScooter model.

  • The KickScooter ES2 has a Lithium ion battery, with a capacity of 187 watt hours.
  • It takes .187 kWh to charge an ES2 electric scooter.

How Much Does Electricity Cost?

In San Diego the cost of electricity will fluctuate based on time of day, time of year, minus energy saving rewards. However you can estimate 1 kWh will cost roughly ~27 cents as of January, 2018.

How Much Does It Cost to Charge a Bird Scooter?

Based on average electricity costs and the capacity of the Segway KickScooter ES2’s battery, we can estimate it will cost ~5 cents to fully charge a Bird scooter.

How Much Money Can You Make Charging Bird Scooters?

  • Bird pays $5 to fully charge each Bird scooter. If it costs only 5 cents to charge a Bird scooter, then you could make up to ~$4.95 profit for each Bird that you charge.
  • Keep in mind the cost to own or rent a vehicle large enough to transport Bird scooters, as well as the cost of gasoline and insurance, will eat into your profits.
  • If you were to charge 20 Bird scooters per night, you could make ~$99 a night. That equates to ~$693 dollars per week before taxes, transportation, and other expenses.
  • You can sign up to become a Bird Charger here.
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