Become an International Super Spy with These Sneaky Gadgets

Spy Gear And Gadgets Credit: Daretang Spy Pen
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Remember the great spy movies of your youth? What kid didn’t dream about the opportunity to go deep undercover like James Bond, going from one exotic location to the next and saving the world (once again) from certain destruction. Better yet, remember those gadgets that made espionage look cooler than it really is?

Every great spy needs an even greater gadget to save the day and with technology catching up to those fictional devices, you can turn yourself into the next 007. While these sneaky devices won’t transform you into a smooth and sharp-dressed agent with a license to kill, these gadgets will definitely help you monitor people in real life.

It’s important to mention that while some of these devices are meant to track and record people, it’s necessary to check which devices are legal to use in your area and in what manner.

These devices should only be used in adherence to your local laws and general ethical standards.

With that said, here are some of the best gadgets available to become a super spy.

iPM Baseball Cap with HD Camera

Baseball Cap

Need to capture some incriminating footage without calling too much attention to the fact that you’re recording? This “Baseball Cap” will do the trick and then some. This nifty cap comes equipped with an IP camera that is able to capture HD video and photos that can be sent straight to your PC via Wi-Fi or through a microSD card. This hidden camera will help capture footage discreetly with ease like the super spy you always thought you could be.

All Mighty Wi-Fi Camera Tank


This device is a little more Home Alone than James Bond, but still very sneaky. The All Mighty Wi-Fi Camera Tank lets you carry some top-secret surveillance missions using your smartphone or tablet through the iSpy Mini app. The tank lets you record video and stream it on your device from 200ft away. Steer the tank from your device and complete your mission like a true secret agent.

USB Voice Recorder with Playback

Usb Recorder

The Uqique USB Recorder is one of those devices that is usually sought after by both the protagonist and antagonist of a movie because it contains important top-secret information. While you may not be thinking of carrying around secret codes to launch a nuclear attack, you can still use this pocket-sized recorder to capture audio or transport other files of interest. This device, which is smaller than most flash drives, allows you to store up to 8GB of data. So whether you need to record secret conversations or your school lectures, the Uqique USB Recorder is as reliable as it is versatile.

HD Video Recording Sunglasses


If anyone remembers the first Mission Impossible movie from the ’90s (and hopefully I’m not dating myself here) starring Tom Cruise, you’ll remember the glasses that his character uses to uncover the mole at the end of the film. Well, let me tell you there is a pair of sunglasses similar to those in the movie that will let you record footage using a built-in HD camera. While these glasses won’t let you relay the video straight to a secret government facility like in the film, these glasses will let you record up to 5 hours of video on a single charge. Now add MP3 listening capability, and you will be spying in style while cranking your jams.

USB Wall Charger with Hidden Camera

Usb Charger

Nothing beats hiding in plain sight, and the LizaCam USB Wall Plug lets you do it like a pro. Disguised as an ordinary charger that’s plugged into a standard wall outlet, this device transmits both video and audio straight to your smartphone, tablet or computer via Wi-Fi. Better yet, if somehow your gadget has been compromised, the LizaCam USB Wall Plug works like an actual charger, how about that?

LizaCam Bluetooth Speaker with Hidden Camera


Another gadget that doubles as an ordinary household device, the LizaCam Hidden Camera/Bluetooth Speaker lets you keep an eye on your home, keep time and listen to your favorite music with ease. The device lets you access the camera in real-time with the use of an app or simply capture the video on a microSD card. The speaker even comes equipped with motion detection to capture and save footage in case you’re not around. Simple yet subtle, the Camera/Bluetooth Speaker takes home surveillance to the next level.

Nenrent S570 Bluetooth Earbud


What would a super spy be without the invisible earpiece that keeps them in constant communication with the rest of the team? The Nenrent S570 Bluetooth Earbud is one the smallest and most functional earpieces on the market. While there are indeed smaller spy-inspired earpieces out there, most of them are unreliable or just cheap in quality. This earpiece will let you stay connected without worrying about wires and it maintains decent battery life. The design is tailored made to be as unnoticeable as possible, lightweight and perfectly fitted to stay secure in your ear when performing any intense activities like any secret agent would.

 Daretang 1080P HD Spy Camera Pen


The holy grail of all spying devices has to be the Spy Camera Pen. This seemingly ordinary writing device lets you record video without any suspicion. While U.S. law prohibits sound from being recorded, the Spy Pen still lets you keep tabs on everything around you in the most of secret agent fashion. Video is recorded from a pinhole lens hidden in the pen and automatically saved on a 32GB microSD memory card. Whether you are at home, the office or a restaurant, the Daretang Spy Camera Pen is the essential gadget to fulfill your secret agent dreams.

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