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AT&T to Hike Unlimited Data Plan Prices to $40 in March 2017

AT&T Acknowledges Ongoing Service Outages Across the U.S.
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In March 2017, AT&T intends to raise subscription rates on legacy unlimited plans from $35 to $40 per month. This price bump will come a little over a year after AT&T raised the rate by $5 in February of 2015.

“Our Mobile Share Advantage plans and our AT&T Unlimited Plan provide several benefits that our legacy unlimited plan doesn’t. If you have a legacy unlimited data plan, you can keep it; however, beginning in March 2017, it will increase by $5 per month,” AT&T said to DSLReports, the forum which first broke news of the price hike.

Mobile wireless carriers have been working to rein in data usage, especially among the top tier of data users who were grandfathered in to unlimited data plans years ago. Mobile traffic rates have grown as smartphones become more popular, along with data consumption rates due to the proliferation of video streaming capabilities and data-hungry applications. According to AppleInsider, AT&T first rolled out unlimited data plans for the iPhone nearly a decade ago in 2007.

While carriers have refrained from bumping subscribers off of their unlimited plans in order to hold on to users, they’ve adopted increasingly aggressive tactics to push them into capped data plans. Once they switch plans, however, customers can never return to their unlimited data plans.

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