Are Google’s Latest Smartphones Plagued By Strips of Dead Pixels?

Mkbhd Google Pixel Dead Pixels Credit: MKBHD
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Google just recently let loose its all-new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL flagships in the U.S. and other key markets. And while the next-generation pure Android devices have already been trounced by the competition in a variety of key performance measurements, the flagships do have quite a bit going for them in the photo, visual and display departments.

Notably, the Pixel 3 is equipped with a gorgeous 5.5-inch P-OLED display, which promises richer, crisper and more true-to-life colors, blacker blacks and overall more vibrant color reproduction across the board.

And while that display is arguably among the Pixel 3’s biggest selling points, sadly, for famed YouTube vlogger and online tech personality, Marques Brownlee, Google’s latest Pixel also flaunts a disastrous vertical line of dead, pink pixels running straight down the middle of its display.

“… and you’ll notice it has a stripe, a pink stripe straight down the middle,” Brownlee notes in his latest YouTube video. “A full brightness stripe of dead pixels completely in the center of the display.”

Brownlee’s monologue can be seen at approximately the 3:37 mark in his video, provided below, where he interestingly points out how the issue has, in the past, presented on some Samsung OLED panels, although the smaller Pixel 3 has been confirmed to feature a P-OLED panel built by LG display.

“There’s no real guaranteed fix for it,” Brownlee notes. “It’s just kind of a thing that happens.”

“It sucks. Now I can’t use this phone anymore and I’ll have to get a new one and it’s going to be replaced super soon but that’s … that’s terrible.”

Brownlee concluded that while he doesn’t believe the dead pixel strip issue will become a widespread one, “only time will tell..”

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