Apple Music Now Works with Your Favorite Amazon Fire TV Devices

Amazon Fire Tv Stick Credit: Amazon
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Apple Music subscribers will be delighted to know that support for their favorite music streaming service is now available on Amazon Fire TV devices including the Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube and the original Fire TV.

Apple Music support is already available for Amazon Echo devices and enabling the feature on an Amazon Fire TV device is reportedly just as easy.

How to Set up Apple Music on Amazon Fire TV

  • All Apple Music subscribers need to do is turn on the Apple Music skill within the Alexa app.
  • If the Apple Music skill is already enabled for the user’s Amazon Echo, their Amazon Fire TV devices should already be capable of accessing Apple Music without any additional work.
  • After the Alexa Apple Music skill has been enabled, simply use the voice remote to request a certain song or playlist – just be sure to end the request with “on Apple Music.”
  • For example, try asking Alexa to “Play Cardi B’s top hits on Apple Music.”

Unfortunately, Apple Music support for Amazon devices is currently limited to listeners in the United States. Amazon is expected to roll out the service to users in the U.K. within the next few weeks.

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