Amazon Rumored to Release Its Own Feature-Rich Messaging App

Amazon Rumored to Release Its Own Feature-Rich Messaging App Credit: AFTV
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If attempting to conquer the entire retail industry wasn’t enough, Amazon is now rumored to be working on its own proprietary messaging app called Anytime, according to a new report.

The online retail giant is reportedly surveying customers about a new standalone messaging service, presumably to gauge which features users find to be the most important in a messaging app. According to images obtained by AFTV, Anytime seems to be an “all-in-one” messaging app that borders on full-fledged social media. The app is rumored to feature voice and video calling, photo sharing, Snapchat-esque filters, and other features such as food ordering, games and music playback.

One of the primary selling points of Anytime seems to be the ability to reach friends “just using their name” — without the need for a phone number — though it’s not currently clear how this would pan out in the finished app. In addition, the survey suggests that Anytime could feature encryption like other established messaging services such as WhatsApp and Signal. The service is also expected to work across mobile and desktop, including Android and iOS devices.

Amazon has already showed signs of potential interest in the messaging and video calling spheres. Earlier this year, the company unveiled a video-conferring service called Chime, and the Alexa app also features free calling functionality. Similarly, in May, Amazon launched the Echo Show, a touchscreen-equipped device that would support free voice and video calling. It’s isn’t exactly hard to piece together the evidence.

There’s currently no word on how polished or complete the messaging platform is, but one surveyed consumer told AFTV that the feedback seemed to indicate that Anytime was already a finished product. Despite that, we don’t know when Amazon is planning on announcing or releasing the platform.

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