7 Unique Holiday Gifts That Went Viral in 2018!

Gifts That Went Viral In 2018 Credit: ThePhotostick Mobile
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With a new hit product coming out every minute; it can be hard to find those that are “in” this holiday season. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of the most “viral” products of 2018 – the latest and most innovative gifts that are sure to impress!

These are some of the internet’s best sellers that are trending among shoppers, ranging from innovative new versions of products we all know (like crazy toothbrushes!) to gadgets that can save you money or even save your life! We’ve also noted when and where there are special promotions or discounts offered for the holidays, so be sure to take advantage of them while you can.

7 Find Lost Items Fast with XY Find It!


Getting older poses its challenges, like misplacing things more often. Luckily there’s XY Find It – the coin-sized tracking device for any items you may lose! Attach one to your keys, backpack, purse, or pet and the XY Find It app will show how far away the device is.

Plus if you can’t find your phone, you can press a button on XY Find It to ring your phone – even on silent mode! You can even take advantage of their special Holiday Gift Bundles – like Buy 3, Get 2 Free! Find the ‘Buy 3, Get 2 FREE’ Bundle Here.

6 Save $1,000s In Car Repairs with FIXD


FIXD is like having an on-demand car expert; the app and device will let you know exactly what your check engine light means, tell you what’s wrong and even show pricing for repairs!

You won’t need to count solely on a mechanic to be honest with you because FIXD helps prevent being taken advantage of by putting knowledge into your hands. Get up to 50% off During the Holidays.

5 Get the Cleanest, Freshest Mouth Ever


What’s better than the power of 1 sonic toothbrush? You guessed it – the power of a 3-headed sonic toothbrush!

Invented by a 3rd generation dentist – Triple Bristle’s patented 3-in-1 brush design cleans all sides of your teeth at once, ensuring a complete cleaning of spots usually missed by regular toothbrushes.

Their site has an amazing Buy 2 Get 2 Free deal during the Holidays – a perfect gift for your significant other or family! Buy 2 Get 2 Free on Their Site!

4 Keep a Hard Copy of All Your Phone’s Photos and Videos with Just a Tap


If you’re not backing up the pictures and videos on your phone, it’s a disaster waiting to happen! That’s why ThePhotoStick Mobile helps to backup all your media with just one tap – it’s really that simple.

ThePhotoStick Mobile makes a great gift for those who frequently take pictures or videos. 40% off When You Buy More Than One!

3 Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Better!


Dodow was invented to help insomniacs get to sleep, but it does far more than that – it actually helps you fall into a deeper, more relaxed sleep.

By breathing to the gentle pattern that Dodow projects onto your ceiling, you’ll clear your mind and slow your heart rate down. By calming your mind and body, you can drift into a deep sleep in minutes, not hours!

Not everyone has trouble falling asleep, but most people could use something that can improve their overall sleep quality. Get up to 50% off During the Holidays!

2 Monitor Your Suitcase and Keep It Secure from Anywhere!

This smartlock allows you to keep track of, protect and monitor your possessions nearly anywhere! Know exactly where your luggage is, or even remotely secure your gym locker using just the AirBolt and your iPhone. Its iOS app allows you to lock and unlock the device as well as alert you if someone tries to take off with your stuff! Not only that, but you can grant access to friends and family from afar, making entry easy for those who need it. Buy 2 of the World’s Most Intelligent Smartlocks, Get 1 Free.

1 Clean Away Dirt, Grime and Oils from Screens of All Kinds with ScreenKlean


Many screen cleaning solutions aren’t very effective. They only move around and smear the grime and oil which attracts more dirt and grime and causes even more cleanings. Regular cloth can create micro-scratches, damaging the glass and wearing the crystal clear transparency down over time, slowly making it dull and blurry.

ScreenKlean’s space-age Carbon Molecular Technology not only REMOVES the dirt and grime, but it actually restores that crystal clear transparency to your expensive devices in one swipe! Each ScreenKlean pad can be used over 100 times, is not affected by heat, cold, or humidity and is a completely eco-friendly product.

Eliminate Dirt and Grime on Your Devices with ScreenKlean!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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