5G Networks Officially Declared Safe

5G Declared Safe Credit: Sangoiri / Shutterstock
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Good news for people who carry their phones wherever they go. The International Commission on Non?Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), a scientific non-profit organization out of Germany, says 5G is safe.

After reviewing all the current scientific literature on 5G connectivity, the regulatory body determined that 5G is as safe as existing 3G and 4G technologies.

The new 5G limits proposed by the ICNIRP considers not only the external radiation exposure but the actual power absorbed by the body. These limits for 5G, according to ICNIRP’s research, are the same as those for existing mobile networks.

“The most important thing is that the fundamental health risk assessment is unchanged,” said to the Guardian by Dr. Jack Rowley, a senior director for research and sustainability at GSMA, which oversees the interest of mobile network operators. “The limits that we had in 1998 are still protective now.”

According to the report, 5G wireless networks have output levels well below the maximum for safe operation.

Even when running at maximum power, a mobile handset only hits 50% of the safe limit for human health. “In our day-to-day usage, however, it’s very similar to the base stations – about 1% of the maximum,” says Rowley. Those who hold their phone near and dear to them should be reassured that it will not do them harm.

Skeptics believe 5G, like other mobile wireless technologies, is harmful to a person’s health. Some people even link 5G wireless networks to the coronavirus, claiming that the viral pandemic was created to cover up 5G-related illnesses. That report was shared widely on Facebook before the social network pulled it because it was a hoax.

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