10 Brilliant Smart Home Products Discounted for a Limited Time

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Movies from the ’80s and ’90s were notorious for giving a glimpse into the future smart home. Maybe flying cars have yet to come to fruition, but virtual reality and self-tying shoes are indeed here, despite their gimmicky nature. On the other hand, the innovations that stick are the ones that improve our quality of life and even our safety.

The total cost of the following devices adds up to $1,138. However, these deals will let you build a smart home with integrated air conditioning, vacuuming, music, lighting, and more for under $700. Of course, you can pick and choose the smart home devices that fit your needs.

Today we’re looking at ten innovative devices that will smarten up your home in the best way.

10 Sinji Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera

Sinji Wifi Doorbell Camera

One of the benefits of new smart home devices is being able to monitor your belongings from your mobile device. Your first line of defense is your front door, so it certainly helps to start there. Easily install this wireless Sinji Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera to keep track of every person who comes to your door. The simple device takes a snapshot of each visitor whenever the doorbell is pressed — day or night. The snapshot is then sent to an indoor receiver via Wi-Fi, and then to your phone for review. The Sinji WiFi Doorbell Camera can be found here for $49.99, 36% off for iDrop News readers.

9 iPM World HD 360 Degree 1080p Wireless Camera

Ipm World Hd 360 Degree 1080p Wireless Ip Camera

Your second line of defense is the smart camera inside your home, and it doesn’t require wiring or complex installation like the security cameras of yesteryear. The iPM World HD 360 Degree 1080p Wireless IP Camera, for example, is a 3.6MM camera that captures and records 1080p video at 25 frames per second and offers a 355° horizontal and 80° vertical rotation. You can set motion detection alerts and alarms when the camera spots an intruder in your home — and it’s all controllable from your iPhone. The iPM World HD camera is available for $44.99, or 65% off.

8 evaSMART Smart Personal Air Conditioner

Evasmart Smart Personal Air Conditioner

Once your smart home is secured, it’s time to think comfort. If your home doesn’t have centralized air, you can cool each room with an evaSMART Smart Personal Air Conditioner for $192, down from $256. The evaSMART is a small, portable AC that offers up to 43 ft2 of cooling. To set it up, simply plug it in and fill the water tank with up to 1300 ml, which will provide cool air for 6-8 hours. The evaSMART’s Wi-Fi module allows you to adjust the fan speed, humidity level, and lighting colors from the Evapolar app, so you can cool any room with the push of a button.

7 Cisno True HEPA Air Purifier

Cisno True Hepa Air Purifier

Your smart home may be safe from heat, but allergens such as pollen and mold exist year round. You can give your sinuses a break with the Cisno True HEPA Air Purifier for $79.99, or 11% off. The Cisno Air Purifier contains a three-stage filtration system that delivers 65m3/hr of clean air by absorbing 99.97% of dust, PM2.5 pollution, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, and household odors. It’s small and compact, so you can place it anywhere in your home, plus it has three fan speeds, including a quiet mode for when you’re sleeping.

6 Bluetooth Hi-Fi SoundBar with Remote

Bluetooth Hi Fi Soundbar With Remote

Now that your home security and climate adjustments have been implemented, it’s time to improve your home entertainment system’s smart integrations. This Bluetooth Hi-SoundBar with Remote connects to your TV or monitor with either an AUX or RCA output to drastically improve your audio. Its Bluetooth functionality lets you play music from your smartphone wirelessly so you can always keep the volume at its optimal level, even from the kitchen. This soundbar usually costs $149.99, but this price drop brings it down to $40.

5 Ilumi LED Smartstrip Starter Kit

Ilumi Led Smartstrip Starter Kit

One of the most fun upgrades you can make to your smart home setup is LED lighting, especially in your bedroom or around your entertainment system. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use lighting kit, then this $69.99 Ilumi LED Smartstrip Starter Kit is for you. It contains a 6.6-foot long light strip featuring 60 LEDs per meter. You can customize your lighting in your app via Bluetooth, choosing either white light or any color combination in the RGB spectrum. The LEDs can shine up to 1500 lumens of brightness and can shift between 2000K and 8000K in white light. Finally, the light strip has an IP65 rating, so you can set it up outdoors, rain or shine.

4 Revogi ‘Smart Meter’ Bluetooth Outlet

Revogi Smart Meter Bluetooth Outlet

If your home is already equipped with reliable electronic devices (without smart home integration), you can easily turn them into smart devices with a Revogi ‘Smart Meter’ Bluetooth Outlet. Installing the Revogi Outlet is easy: simply plug an AC-compatible device into your Revogi, then plug the Revogi into an AC outlet. Revogi connects to your wireless network via Bluetooth and can power your connected devices on or off through the mobile app. Then you can feel free to set schedules for turning your devices on or off, and you can even measure your energy consumption throughout the day, week, and month. You can buy Revogi Bluetooth Outlets here for $19.99, or 42% off.

3 ARMOR-X 2-in-1 Tablet Stand

Armor X 2 In 1 Tablet Stand

If you plan on using your tablet as your smart home control hub, you should consider this $29.99 ARMOR-X 2-in-1 Tablet Stand to display it elegantly. The ARMOR-X features robust aluminum construction and can be adjusted between 4.92” and 7.08” high. It supports tablets ranging from 7 to 10.5 inches long, so most iPad, Surface, Nexus, and Galaxy tablets will be compatible. Plus, the sturdy mounting base makes it easy to display your tablet on any surface, such as on your coffee table or even hanging on a wall.

2 KlikR Universal Remote Control

Klikr Universal Remote Control

To top off your smart home setup, you’ll need a way for your phone to control all of your new devices. The KlikR Universal remote is a coin-sized Bluetooth device that works with any infrared-controlled electronic device, like air conditioners, speakers, and even old TVs. To configure KlikR, stick it on or next to your device’s IR sensor and start controlling that device from your phone using the KlikR app. You can even turn your friends’ smartphones into “remotes” by sharing your KlikR QR code. Each KlikR is currently $19.99, or 31% off.

1 ECOVACS DEEBOT Slim2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Ecovacs Deebot Slim2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Every functional living space has a vacuum to keep its floors clean, but vacuuming can be a time-consuming task, especially in a large home. This ECOVACS DEEBOT Slim2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner eliminates another tedious chore for $140. The DEEBOT sweeps, vacuums, and dry mops hardwood floors clean of hair, dirt, and debris. Additionally, the DEEBOT’s low profile, stair safety functionality, and obstacle Detection allow it to cover wide surfaces and hard-to-reach areas under furniture with ease. The app even lets you schedule daily and weekly cleanings, so you can set the DEEBOT once and never have to worry about manual vacuuming again.


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