Facebook Is Trying to Take Down Snapchat With Their Own Live Streaming App

Facebook Is Trying to Take Down Snapchat With Their Own Live Streaming App
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According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Facebook is currently working diligently on its own, dedicated camera app. And the app will reportedly focus on the key areas of image customization and Facebook’s new Live Streaming functionality.

With the app, which has recently entered its beta stage of testing and development, users will be able to open Facebook’s camera app to a blank camera screen — from which images can be captured, edited, shared, and sent privately via Facebook’s platform.


Currently in the final stages of development by a London-based “friend-sharing” team of experts, Facebook’s camera app will provide quick and easy access to share photos, or participate in Live Streaming.

Facebook had the following announcement on Tuesday: “A prototype of the app developed by Facebook’s ‘friend-sharing’ team in London opens to a camera, similar to disappearing photo app Snapchat. Another planned feature allows a user recording video through the app to begin live streaming.”

While a release date still remains unclear, there’s no doubt it will be interesting to see what Facebook ultimately brings to the table with its dedicated camera app. As the company begins to place an increasing emphasis on Live Streaming, in particular, we can only assume it will largely focus on sharing live images and videos… Kind of like Snapchat 2.0, I suppose you could say.

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