Facebook Introduces Exciting New 360-Degree Photos

Facebook Introduces Exciting New 360-Degree Photos
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Facebook recently added a feature that lets you upload your panorama images to the network and have them converted into 360-degree views. The company initially announced that they would be introducing this feature last month. Starting today, you can now see a floating compass icon on the right-hand-corner of the image to identify this new type of interactive photo.

Facebook says all you need to do is capture a panorama with your phone’s stock camera, or with a 360-degree app, and upload it like you would any image. The company also says that you can watch 360-degree photos with VR headsets. Facebook initially added 360-degree videos in September, and it appears that the image version works in a similar way.

A 360-degree photo has a slightly wider landscape than a traditional image, letting you look in any direction. If you want to explore one of these photos you simply need to click and drag the image to explore the environment, or move your smartphone around. One advantage of having these 360-degree photos is that anyone can capture them on Android, as well as iOS, smartphones.

It will be some time before these photos are embraced in larger numbers, but Facebook anticipates high adoption rates from its users. Excited? You can look at 360-degree photos from partners such as NASA and even Paul McCartney, right now.

What do you think about 360-degree photos? Super cool or super pointless?
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