Extremely Rare $5,000+ iPhone 6 Prototype Surfaces on eBay, Quickly Vanishes

Extremely Rare $5,000+ iPhone 6 Prototype Surfaces on eBay, Quickly Vanishes
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We’ve seen our fair share of outrageously priced, one-of-a-kind Apple products fetch huge price tags before but this recently discovered Apple artifact, in particular, is something special in its own right.

What surfaced on eBay over the weekend, according to the extremely unique device’s owner, is a fully functional iPhone 6 prototype which is said to be running Apple’s internal debugging software, Springboard, as opposed to an operational version of iOS.

From the naked eye, there’s not much that differentiates this handset from its considerably less expensive, commercialized counterparts — other than the absence of any FCC markings or external model identifiers around back.

According to the eBay description provided by the handset’s current owner, “I bought this item from a friend of mine, it is a iPhone 6 prototype, it has no FCC logos, serial number or IMEI.”

What isn’t exactly clear, unfortunately, is what this iPhone 6 prototype is powered by under the hood. The device looks essentially indistinguishable from the commercialized iPhone 6, however, it’s only reasonable to assume that this was one of the later testing units — though how it got into the wild is still unknown, as the written eBay description doesn’t provide any additional details.

Even still, this is a fascinating piece of Apple’s history, and, if for whatever reason you might be in the market for an insanely expensive iPhone prototype, this is certainly a great opportunity to add one to your personal Apple collection. But be forewarned: owning this bad boy is going to cost you pretty penny. The current top bid on the device’s eBay listing is up to over $5,650 with 6 full days for bids remaining.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday morning, the listing is no longer active on eBay’s website — which means the device was either sold to an outside party, or perhaps the owner suddenly realized the gadget is worth much more than he or she anticipated.

Would you have placed a bid on this iPhone prototype? Let us know in the comments!

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