Enraged Connecticut EMT Reportedly Used iPad to Attack Ambulance Patient

Enraged Connecticut EMT Reportedly Used iPad to Attack Ambulance Patient
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There’s a bizarre story out of Monroe, Connecticut reported by Daniel Tepfer from the Connecticut Post. He writes about a local man “who was beaten, while a patient in an ambulance, by an irate EMT who demanded the patient ‘get a haircut and join the military.’” Tepfer says the EMT was transporting a prisoner from a police department to St. Vincent’s Medical Center for an emergency examination. The patient was handcuffed to the stretcher he was lying on, Tepfer writes.

EMT Alejandro Ramirez allegedly beat Robert Alix with an iPad. Obviously the iPad isn’t designed to be used as a weapon, but oftentimes products are used in ways companies did not design them for, (*cough cough* Sharpie Shock Challenge.)

The victim claims that he was struck with the iPad and then choked seem to be backed up by the ambulance driver, according to Tepfer. “Ramirez’s partner, EMT Michael Suchinski, told police he had been in the driver’s seat when he heard Ramirez and Alix exchange worlds in the back. Suchinski said Ramirez appeared to ‘Stoke Alix up by getting in Alix’s face and yelling at him,’ police said.”

Ramirez tried to claim the incident was an accident, hitting the man with the iPad when he lost his balance, not intending to hurt the patient, according to Tepfer. These claims are countered by Ramirez’s own partner, who told police he “had turned around and was looking into the back of the ambulance when he saw Ramirez grab Alix by the throat and then hit Alix in the head with the iPad.” Perhaps Ramirez is in more trouble than he bargained for.

Ramirez was charged with third-degree assault and is due to appear in court on August 26. Despite the claims of his partner “Ramirez ‘maintains his innocence in this matter and patently denies these false allegations.’” While it seems like Ramirez is guilty, it’s important to remember it’s not proven fact. It comes down to witness testimony and what physical evidence is available, and ultimately, a jury.

Mr. Alix is looking to be compensated. He is “seeking money for damages in excess of $15,000 from the town, Monroe Emergency Medical Services, the company that manages the EMTs, Emergency Resource Management and Ramirez.”

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