Do You Want CarPlay? You’ll Need One of These Brand New Cars

Do You Want CarPlay? You'll Need One of These Brand New Cars

CarPlay is the next must-have software program every iPhone user wants for their vehicle. The CarPlay software will allow you to seamlessly interact with your iPhone through your car’s infotainment system.

Cars traditionally don’t have the greatest or most intuitive software built into their touch-screens but that is all about to change when CarPlay is rolled out for some new upcoming models.

2016 Honda Accord2016-honda-accord-coupe-review
The 2016 Honda Accord was unveiled at Honda’s new Silicon Valley research and development center. Frank Paluch, Honda’s R&D president, mentioned that wireless technology and automobiles were previously two very different markets. In current and future years, we will see wireless technology and automobiles become more integrated, and Honda is choosing to embrace this change early. You can expect the all-new Accord with CarPlay built-in, to be rolled-out this August.

Nearly All 2016 Volkswagen Models2016-VW-Passat-front-viewVolkswagen, or the “people’s car”, will be rolling out CarPlay in nearly all of their 2016 vehicles. The first cars should be available as soon as later this week. 9to5Mac reports “Entry-level models will get a 5-inch, 400×240 resistive touch display, while pricier models get 800×480 capacitive touch displays at sizes ranging from 6.3 to 8 inches. All the capacitive touch models support simultaneous sync with two different smartphones.”

If you were hoping to use CarPlay on a brand new Eos or Toureg, you will be disappointed. For unknown reasons VW has decided to skip these models. However, if you were looking to purchase a brand new Golf R, you’re in luck as it will be the first to get Apple’s new infotainment system.

Other manufacturers who are alleged to bring CarPlay to their 2016 lineup include Buick, GMC, Chevy, Ferrari, Volvo, Mercedes, and Cadillac.ferraricarplay

The CarPlay system rollout has been slow to say the least. Automobile manufacturers have taken their sweet time installing CarPlay within their vehicles, and only few people have the luxury of using CarPlay as of mid-2015. At least for the rest of the people who can’t get their hands on CarPlay right this second, most of the kinks and imperfections in the new system will be worked out by the time we are ready to purchase a new vehicle.

Will you be purchasing a vehicle with CarPlay capabilities? Is it something you’d seek out, or is it more of an added bonus? Let us know in the comments below!

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