Disney+ Isn’t Just for Kids – Here’s What Skeptical Adults Are Missing

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Disney+ is finally here, and you can bundle it with Hulu and ESPN+ for just $12.99 per month. But you might be asking yourself, “What’s all the fuss about a children’s streaming service?” After all, Disney is for kids, right?

In reality, Disney has fans of all ages, and they have plenty of content for all ages as well. In addition to all their famous family movies, Disney now owns multiple other franchises, including Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel. They also have content from National Geographic and Disney Nature, and plenty of exclusive content is available too.

Before we take a look at the content for teens and adults, it’s important to realize just how much Disney content you get with your subscription. Many of the shows available on Disney are entertaining for the whole family and might even bring a little nostalgia to the table.

These include both animated and live-action classics such as The Lion King and Mary Poppins. You can watch many of the new live-action remakes, like Aladdin and The Jungle Book. And, There’s new content like a live-action Lady and the Tramp and a Christmas movie starring Anna Kendrick called Noell. I haven’t seen the Lady and the Tramp movie, but I did watch Noell with my kids. They loved it. I found it to be utterly cheesy, but Kendrick brings a healthy amount of charm and wit to make up for that.

In addition to these classic (and new) family friendlies, Disney also has movies like Avatar, Home Alone, The Muppets, The Sandlot, and Remember the Titans. But that’s definitely not all.

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The Simpsons

The all-American classic makes its way to Disney+, all 600+ episodes. With 31 seasons, it’s America’s longest-running sitcom. The fictional family even have their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So if The Simpson’s is your thing, Disney has them. All. Of. Them.

Star Wars

Rise of Skywalker is new and may still be in theaters right now, but Disney+ is a great way to brush up before you see it. You can watch everything from the original trilogy to The Force Awakens. You’ll also get short films, specials, series, and Rogue One. You even get LEGO Star Wars. But that’s not all the Star Wars related goodies.


So much to marvel at, it’s marvelous (sorry about that). No, really, you get it all: the AvengersRunawaysAgents of Shield. You get cartoons, shorts, classics. Spider-man, Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and The Incredible Hulk.

The Marvel franchise has been on a roll and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. So have a Marvel marathon and watch everything in chronological order. Or watch the first Iron Man and remember where it all started. Whatever you do, remember, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

The Mandalorian

Disney+ also launched an exclusive new series called The Mandalorian. The show features a Mandalorian who, I don’t want to spoil anything. Just watch it and see if it’s for you.


I don’t care if you say Pixar is for kids. I’m a Pixar kid at heart, and when I took my kids to see Cars 3 and Finding Dory, I was really doing it for me.

Pixar continues to push the boundaries of storytelling and 3D animation. Their artistry captures our hearts, young and old; and because of this, they’re the perfect movies for the whole family.

These movies are especially great for adults with children, because you can put them on the TV and actually love what your kids are watching.

National Geographic

If you’re into documentaries, nature, and all of that fun stuff, Disney+ offers a whole bunch of National Geographic programming. This isn’t just limited to wildlife and nature though. National Geographic also has Supercar Megabuild, Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted, and an all new series: The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

Goldblum at His Goldblumiest?

In his all-new, Disney+ exclusive series, Goldblum explores the world and shows us things we never knew. Things like the history of tattooing, sneakers that cost over $100,000, how Levi’s are made, and more. There’s even a slightly awkward episode where Jeff tries his hand at video games (esports to be exact).

Of course, Goldblum brings a certain flair to these somewhat ordinary topics thanks in part to his eccentric yet lovable personality. I’m not 100% sure what to think about the series as a whole yet, but I tried it out, and I’m still watching.


Sure, Disney isn’t the most “adult” entertainment provider. You won’t get Deadpool or anything like that. But you do get a lot of great franchises for teens, children, family, and adults. (I forgot to mention the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise—it’s there too)!

If you have a family or the content available sounds appealing to you, you can also bundle Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN+ for more adult content, all at a low price of $12.99. Disney+ features a huge variety of content at a great price, and so it’s a fantastic way to watch movies and more with the whole family. Get Disney+ here.

Get Disney+ Here

But what do you think? Is there enough content for you? What are you most excited for? What would you like to see added? Sound off on social media and the comments below.

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