Detroit Police Officer Accused of Spying on Nude, Breastfeeding Mother Using a Confiscated iPhone

Detroit Police Officer Accused of Spying on Nude, Breastfeeding Mother Using a Confiscated iPhone
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With all the recent, big government controversy related to data encryption and user privacy that’s surfaced within the last few months alone, you’d think that we’d have perhaps a bit firmer understanding of just how far the U.S. government and its constituents can lawfully intervene in these matters, right? Well, it’s only reasonable to assume, I’d say..

Then again, even our government is constantly learning, acquiring knowledge in its own capacity, and forming new and expansive policies based largely upon it. And so it seems, at least one Detroit Police Officer has recently learned that invaluable lesson the hardest way possible — as the story of a woman who was innocently breastfeeding her new-born baby, in the comfort and privacy of her own home, mind you, continues to unfold in all it’s jaw-dropping, blood-boiling glory.

“I was in shock, devastated, angry…This is such a serious violation of my family’s privacy including myself and my son,” the woman said. “It is absolutely necessary to take this action to prevent this from happening to future individuals.”

The woman, an emergency response dispatcher in the Warren County, Michigan, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the Hazel Park, Michigan, police officer on those grounds.

It appears, however, that this whole fiasco began when the woman’s fiancé — a licensed medical marijuana caregiver and the father of her new-born son — was arrested on grounds of drug-related offenses. Once in custody, the couple’s home was searched extensively by responding officer, Michael Emmi. Emmi then discovered and confiscated the iPhone in question.

Well, as it turns out, the couple’s home happens to feature a private nursery on the property — fully-equipped with a Nest camera, which was only set up to be accessed via the confiscated iPhone.

Now, the woman’s fiancé (and his iPhone) were already in police custody by this time, so when the woman took notice of several instances in which the Nest cam’s LED light was blinking — indicating that the room was being observed remotely, well, that’s when the proverbial light bulb flicked on in her mind.

She expediently jumped into action, utilizing Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ feature from her husband’s laptop, and was able to track down the handset. And where was it located? Why, at officer Emmi’s home address, of all places.

Boom. Busted, right?

Well, maybe, maybe not. According to Hazel Park Police Chief, Martin Barner, the entire situation is “questionable, at best.” He vehemently defended officer Emmi’s record, lauding him for 15+ years of professional experience and good conduct on the job.

Either way, though, it’ll likely be a good amount of time until authorities are able to really get to the bottom of this case. And, as always, in the interim, all we can really do is chalk it up to a classic he-said, she-said dispute.

Then again, this could always end up turning out to be another case in which technology ultimately prevails.

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