Delta and Apple Will Equip 19,000+ Flight Attendants with a New iPhone 12

Delta Airlines iPhone 12 Credit: Onur Binay / Trac Vu / Unsplash
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Recently, AT&T announced that, in a partnership with Apple and Delta Airlines, the company will give over 19,000 flight attendants an iPhone 12 in an attempt to enhance the travel experience for all passengers.

Delta Airlines will start implementing the iPhone’s augmented reality (AR) feature to create more immersive AR training to perform critical tasks, as well as to allow flight attendants to assess in-cabin inventory quickly.

Additionally, flight attendants will be able to use AT&T’s 5G connectivity for a faster, more secure connectivity instead of relying on public Wi-Fi hotspots in between flights.

AT&T also confirms that it will continue to work with Delta and Apple to develop new uses and applications with the iPhone.

This isn’t the first time Apple partnered up with airlines. In the past, Apple has partnered with other airlines to use Apple’s other devices during flights – one of the most recent examples is the partnership between Apple and American Airlines to offer Apple TV+ during flights as free entertainment, as well as giving passengers access to American Airlines’ curated collection of books in Apple Books, which includes Oprah’s Book Club titles.

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