Here’s Why You Definitely Shouldn’t Be Disappointed By WWDC ’18

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Apple’s 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference was chock full of updates to the company’s various operating systems. In the words of Apple CEO Tim Cook, it was “all about software.”

On the other hand, if you were going into WWDC ’18 expecting mind-blowing and groundbreaking new features, you might have felt that the keynote fell a bit short..

Polished Software

Many of the updates had a particular focus on performance, stability and incremental changes. No new hardware was announced. And the signature “one more thing” phrase failed to make an appearance.

All of this, however, is a great thing — both for Apple and for its users.

To be clear, there were still some significant and important updates unveiled at today’s keynote conference. But what they suggest is that Apple’s upcoming OS updates will be as stable, smooth and capable as ever.

Ios 12 Iphones
Image via Apple

Earlier this year, a handful of outlets reported that Apple would delay some big iOS 12 features to focus on quality and performance. Based on the announcements at WWDC ’18, that definitely seems to be the case.

As Apple points out, iOS 12 will launch on the largest ecosystem of compatible devices in the company’s history. But Apple has done more than just make the update available for older devices, it’s also optimized iOS 12 to make those older devices run smoother and faster.

That, for one, seems to fly directly in the face of critics who say that Apple dabbles in planned obsolesce. On the contrary, Apple is seemingly doing more to make sure its entire user base has a better experience with its devices.

When you look at the experience of iOS 11, which was undoubtedly beset by numerous bugs and glitches, this makes perfect sense. Apple’s strategy has shifted to releasing good software, not just half-baked platforms full of flashy features.

No Rushed Hardware

The lack of hardware updates is also evidence of this. Last month, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Apple had a plethora of device refreshes in development, but added that none of them would be ready in time for a WWDC launch.

Iphone Se 2
Image via M-TECH PRO

While that may have been a bit disappointing to those expecting a new iPad Pro or iPhone SE 2, it may hint at the level of polish Apple is working on achieving. Understandably, it probably doesn’t want to rush a product out or announce it prematurely.

We’re all probably familiar with Apple’s recent product delays, from HomePod to the still elusive AirPower charging mat. The company probably saved itself some grief by holding off on announcing devices and products that just weren’t quite ready yet.

Similarly, while Apple wasn’t the first to implement digital health and wellbeing tools, the fact that iOS 12 packs those features suggests that the Cupertino tech giant does listen to its fans — and its critics. The same goes for long-requested features like the announced Siri enhancements and a systemwide dark mode for macOS Mojave.

So while today’s WWDC keynote didn’t have the glitz and glam that previous launch days did, the updates that were announced suggest that the next stable of OS releases will be as refined and polished as ever. And Apple’s ecosystem — and its users — will be better off because of that.

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