Could the New Motion Sensing Apple TV Take Over the Mobile Gaming Market?

Could the New Motion Sensing Apple TV Take Over the Mobile Gaming Market?

Apple’s fall event is coming, and with it, many people expect a new Apple TV. The new, completely redesigned device is said to include a powerful A8 processor capable of processing 4K video, a large internal storage capacity, a dedicated app store, as well as HomeKit and Siri integration, and a new remote.

While the benefits of a faster processor and increased storage seem immediately evident, the new remote may be a game changer.

Apple TV Remote Concept Art

A new report from technology site TechCrunch details the improvements to the new Apple TV remote and the implications the changes might have regarding the future of the device. The new remote will reportedly be a bit larger than its predecessor, sporting physical buttons on the bottom half with a touch-screen area at the top. The remote will likely support gestures and may possibly include Force Touch technology on the touch-screen area. It will reportedly support Bluetooth, and contain a traditional infrared sensor, as well.

One feature that TechCrunch is reporting that hasn’t been detailed in other reports is the inclusion of motion sensing capabilities on the remote. According to TechCrunch, the device will include “several axis’ worth of sensors that put its control on par with a Nintendo Wii remote.” Could the Apple TV be the future of casual gaming?

082815-NEWAPPLETVREMOTE-3Could the Apple TV Take Over the Mobile Gaming Market?

While there’s no debate that hardcore gamers will likely always be glued to the latest console and PC gaming technology, there has been a recent shift away from console and PC gaming towards the mobile domain for casual gamers. Games like Clash of Clans and Angry Birds have became increasingly popular, resulting in incredible revenue for mobile gaming companies.

A recent report by Fortune speculates that global mobile gaming revenues will overtake console gaming revenues by the end of 2015. The new Apple TV, featuring a powerful processor, versatile remote, and a dedicated app store with support for third-party apps and games could dig hard into the gaming market, bridging the gap between the hardcore and casual gamers.

The new Apple TV may just change the way people consume media at home. A huge market for on-demand streaming television and film content already exists – Netflix and Hulu simply aren’t going anywhere. Add in the allure for casual gamers, and the oft-rumored TV subscription service that may debut in 2016, and the company’s new Apple TV may actually become the “hub of the home” in the near future.

The new Apple TV is expected to debut at Apple’s September 9th Fall event. The company is also expected to reveal the latest iPhone models, and several new iPad models at the event.

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