Comcast Customers Can Now Get Apple TV+, Netflix and Peacock for $15/month

The cornerstone of the bundle is Apple TV+
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Only a week after Comcast hinted at a “vastly reduced price” three-way streaming bundle, the telecom giant has published further details, including pricing and service tiers.

Last Tuesday, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts told attendees at MoffetNathanson’s 2024 Media, Internet, and Communications Conference that his company was preparing to unveil a new bundle dubbed “StreamSaver” tying together Apple TV+, Netflix, and Peacock to create a “pretty compelling package” that would be offered at “vastly reduced prices.”

However, Roberts offered no specifics on what those reduced prices would be. As individual subscribers, the three services work out to a few cents less than $25 per month, assuming we’re talking about the ad-supported versions of Netflix and Peacock.

Fortunately, we haven’t had to wait too long to find out. In a press release this morning, Comcast revealed that the new StreamSaver bundle will be priced at $15 on its own, or subscribers can combine it with NOW TV to get an additional 40+ popular live TV channels.

By bringing these premium streaming services together for the first time, Xfinity is making it easy for customers to enjoy exceptional entertainment, including thousands of hours of live sports, from the best streaming apps at an unparalleled value.Comcast

As expected, the $15/month bundle only includes the entry-level Netflix Standard with Ads and Peacock Premium. Despite the misleading name, that Peacock tier still includes ads; you need to upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus for what the company calls an “almost” ad-free experience. Those plans are currently $6.99 and $5.99, respectively, although Peacock Premium is slated to get a hike to $7.99 this summer.

Apple TV+ has no ad-supported tier, so StreamSaver includes the only plan available, which now goes for $9.99 monthly on its own, following two price increases since its 2019 launch.

It doesn’t sound like Comcast is factoring in the upcoming Peacock price bump just yet, as it’s touting StreamSaver as saving “over 30%” or “nearly $100 a year.” At current prices, the savings only work out to $7.97 per month or $95.64 per year. Hopefully, it will simply change those marketing numbers over the summer rather than increase the price of its bundle, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The base $15/month StreamSaver offers Apple TV+, Netflix Standard with Ads, and Peacock Premium, while the NOW StreamSaver adds “40+ live TV channels including, AMC, A&E, Hallmark, History Channel, Lifetime, WEtv, plus over two dozen integrated FAST channels like AccuWeather, NBC News, TODAY All Day and Xumo Movies” for $30 per month, all-in.

The good news is that the StreamSaver bundles are available to all current and new Xfinity Internet and TV customers, with no annual commitment required. This makes it easy to jump off if you run out of things to watch. Still, Comcast, Apple, Netflix, and NBC (Peacock) are undoubtedly hoping that there will always be something exciting enough on one or two of the services to make it easier to stick around.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that the cornerstone of the bundle is Apple TV+ since it’s the most expensive of the three packages. Customers who want only Netflix and Peacock can get those two separately for only $12.98 right now, or $14.98 after Peacock goes up in price. This means you’re essentially getting Apple TV+ thrown in for the cost of the other two services, but you’ll be saving money as long as you’re enjoying Apple TV+ and at least one of Netflix or Peacock in any given month.

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