Cloudflare Debuts Completely Free VPN for iOS, Android – But Is It Safe?

Vpn Credit: Cloudflare
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Content delivery firm Cloudflare has unveiled a free virtual private network (VPN) capability to its existing DNS service. And no, it’s not an April Fools joke.

The service, dubbed Warp, will allow the app to function as a full-fledged VPN, providing end-to-end encryption to all of a device’s traffic. That’s a step above’s current capabilities, which only encrypts DNS queries (asking a server for an IP address attached to a domain name).

Cloudflare says it designed Warp to withstand the connectivity rigors of mobile devices — changing between LTE and Wi-Fi, switching Wi-Fi networks, and dealing with portal-based systems on free Wi-Fi networks. In addition, the firm says that Warp will be faster than competing VPN services by caching and compressing content automatically.

Many users look at free VPN services with suspicion, especially in the wake of controversies sparked by Google and Facebook. But Cloudflare says its service is different. For example, here’s what the firm says Warp:

  • It doesn’t save any user-identifiable data to its servers.
  • It never sells user browsing data, and it doesn’t allow this data to be used for advertising purposes.
  • It doesn’t require users to input any sensitive information to use the basic version of the app.
  • It is regularly checked by outside auditors, who “ensure” that Cloudflare’s privacy policies are being upheld.

That’s a far cry from most “free” VPNs. Typically, free VPNs will leverage user data or otherwise have sketchy privacy policies. Because of that, paid VPN services are by and far the preferred choice for privacy and security.

But Cloudflare may have the opportunity to introduce a real, free alternative here. It’s relying on the scope and scale of its existing infrastructure and paying customers to offer a free VPN to users. The DNS is largely considered one of the best, so Warp may turn out to be a sensible free VPN option.

There will also be a paid version of the service, called Warp+, which will allow quicker browsing speeds for a monthly fee.

The Warp VPN will be accessible by users of Cloudflare’s iOS app. Users can download the app and sign up for the waitlist. Cloudflare says it expects the free VPN to roll out to all users by the end of July.

In any case, there are a multitude of reliable, paid VPN services (available now) that offer peace of mind and no-logging policies that could be a safer bet for those who are more concerned about their privacy.

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