You Can Now Trade-In Your Old Apple Watch at an Apple Store

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Apple is now offering Apple Watch trade-ins at its brick-and-mortar retail locations, allowing users to get a quote on their devices and recycle them without sending them to Apple.

While the company has long accepted trade-ins for its flagship wearable online, as of today, Apple Watch owners will be able to bring and trade the devices at Apple Stores (at least across the U.S.), a change first spotted this morning by Reddit user ajsayshello.

Apple has since confirmed the in-store trade-ins but noted that Apple retail locations are not currently accepting Editon model Apple Watch devices.

As far as how much you’ll get for trading in your Apple Watch, brick-and-mortar trade-in values are usually the same as those listed on the company’s online recycling page.

It’s worth noting that Redditor ajsayshello said Apple Store employees gave him a quote of $100 for his first-generation 42mm Stainless Steel Apple Watch. On its recycling website, the same device has a trade-in value of $75.

It’s not currently clear why there’s a price difference, just know that your own mileage may vary in this case. Trade-in values run the gamut between $50 and $175, depending on the specific model and size of your Apple Watch.

Of course, if the device is water-damaged or in otherwise poor condition, you may not get anything for trading it in. Apple’s recycling webpage asks about the condition of the display, buttons, enclosures, and whether the device boots up and is free of liquid damage. It stands to reason that in-store trade-ins will go through a similar inspection process.

Still, even if you’re not getting any cash in return, it’s important to recycle the device — and Apple has details about free recycling programs across the U.S. on its trade-in website.

While private sales might get you some extra cash for your Apple wearable, there’s actually a nice perk to trading-in to Apple: you get to keep your Apple Watch bands and any charging cables that came with it.

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