Police Search for Woman Who Let a Boy Steal an iPhone 8 from AT&T

Police Search for Woman Who Let a Boy Steal an iPhone 8 from AT&T
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We’ve covered a plethora of iPhone-related theft stories over the years — instances in which nefarious actors, with or without an accomplice, schemed to steal Apple’s prized device. While the details surrounding each case have understandably been varied, today’s bizarre tale of ‘Grand Theft iPhone’ has authorities in a small, suburban New Jersey town on watch.

According to a developing report published by NJ.com, police in Delran Township, New Jersey are actively searching for a woman who they claim stood idle as a child stole an iPhone from an AT&T store in broad daylight.

Police say they observed surveillance camera footage from the AT&T store, which was captured on October 8, 2017.

The video footage clearly shows the minor fumbling with a Gold iPhone 8 that’s tethered to the display case — all the while, as a woman directly beside him watches with an unmistakeable look of intrigue in her eyes.

Ultimately, police say, the boy managed to break the iPhone free and slipped it into his pocket — completely under the radar. And, of course, since the woman clearly saw him do it while failing to say anything, authorities are trying to find her.

That said, anyone with information on this case is being encouraged to contact the Delran Township Police Department, either via email (crimetips@delrantownship.org) or via phone (856-461-4498).

This wouldn’t be the first instance of someone stealing an iPhone (or thousands of them, for that matter) we’ve ever reported. In fact, instances of iPhone theft are fairly prevalent in our society today, especially as those nefarious enough continue to increase in cleverness, finding bold and audacious new ways to execute their plans.

Interestingly, this wouldn’t be the first case of iPhone theft where authorities sought the public’s help identifying those responsible, either. Sadly, this may however be the first of such brazen iPhone thefts to be carried out by a young child — at least in our database.

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