Bored of Your Apple Watch Band? Try One of These More Exciting Options

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From the beginning, Apple made it a point that Apple Watch bands were designed to be customizable and largely interchangeable, allowing you to pick the band you prefer for your lifestyle, wardrobe, professional setting, etc.

That also makes it easy to switch out a worn or broken Apple Watch band for a new version. But there are so many choices out there, where do you even begin to look for an option that will work for you?

Start with our handy list of some of the best Apple Watch bands we’ve found! Continue reading to find the right one for you.

SupCase Rugged Protective Case/Band ($19.99)

SupCase Rugged Protective Case for Apple Watch 4 Watch 5

You deserve to be able to jog, hike, play sports, and do yard work without worrying about the expensive little screen around your wrist. SupCase’s band is actually a fully protective case with a bumper for shock absorption and an elevated bezel to help make screen damage a little less likely. It’s perfect if you wear your watch during a lot of outside activity, but note that it’s designed for 2018/2019 Apple Watches specifically. Get it here.

JETech Stainless Steel Replacement Band ($14.99)

JETech Stainless Steel Replacement Band

If you’re a big fan of the stainless steel watch band look, then you’ll love this replacement band, which mimics those steel links while still easily attaching your Apple Watch. It’s widely compatible across many different Apple Watch series and looks more expensive than it is. Get it here.

Barton Watch Bands Elite Silicone Band ($32)


Silicone bands are more flexible can provide a more comfortable fit if that’s what you’re used to. This model not only comes in a wide variety of inner-band colors but has a handy strap lock to keep the band looking professional and a durable steel buckle to keep it fastened. Get it here.

Archer Watch Straps Canvas Strap ($26.99)


This slim canvas band is great for switching easily between professional and casual settings, and even has a variety of shades to choose based on what looks best. The strap is water-resistant and even machine washable if necessary. If you’d prefer your Apple Watch to match a lot of different outfits without too much hassle, this is a good place to start. Get it here.

Fiano Resin Watch Band ($21.99)


There are a couple of reasons we really like this band. First, there are several customizable width options, which relatively few watch bands offer, and it’s great to pick the one that’s right for you. Second, the non-toxic resin material is fully waterproof and mimics that beautiful agate look that few other materials can achieve. Get it here.

Secbolt Stainless Steel Band for Women ($19.99)


If your standards for fashion are a little higher than anything you’ve seen so far, take a look at this Secbolt stainless steel band, which combines sleek, dressy fashion with versatile band design that includes six folding clasps. It’s the ideal accessory for sporting your Apple Watch even with more demanding evening wear. Get it here.

Maikes Genuine Leather Band Replacement ($16.88)


Sometimes nothing will do like a leather band. This Maikes band is a minimalistic leather model with a stainless steel buckle. It’s comfortable, extra simple to use, and is designed to not smell weird right out of the box. This is another option that works well with pretty much every Apple Watch Series out there. Get it here.

AdMaster Soft Silicone Band ($7.99)


This highly breathable band is ideal for those with sensitive skin or people who like to work up a sweat. It’s a great addition to your Nike edition Apple Watch, but it’ll also give other models a sportier look. It’s sold at a very low cost, too! Get it here.

Carterjett Military Style Nylon Band ($21.99)


Few bands can offer great functionality along with amazing style, but this is certainly one that does. It’s a heavy-duty band designed to hold up to just about any activity with durable olive-colored nylon and a couple of different size options. Note that there is a multitude of other color variations to choose from as well. Get it here.

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