Black Friday 2020: Want to Save on Apple’s New M1 MacBooks? Here Are the Lowest Prices We’ve Found

New MacBook Air 2020 M1 Chip Credit: Apple
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While Apple doesn’t typically offer any discounts on its latest hardware during its Black Friday sales — and this year is no exception — that doesn’t mean there aren’t some pretty good deals to be had on Apple’s brand new M1 Macs, so if you’ve been thinking of picking one up this might be a really great opportunity to save a few bucks.

We’ve already highlighted some great deals at retailers like Amazon, and this includes $50 off the new M1 MacBook Pro, although sadly you won’t find any such luck at Amazon with the lower-priced MacBook Air models. If you shop around a bit, however, there are some great deals that can be found elsewhere.

It’s actually pretty rare to find brand-new Macs already on sale, even during Black Friday, especially considering that these models have only been on the market for less than two weeks, but this year isn’t a typical year, so that’s not stopping retailers from trying to compete for your dollars by offering some nice incentives.

You’ll have to act fast, though, as some of these deals are truly limited-time offers.

  1. B&H has the entry-level M1 MacBook Air on for $899 — a $100 savings. Although it’s still listed as “Coming Soon” you can place a pre-order at this price, but you only have until 4:30 p.m. on Black Friday to do so.
  2. B&H also has the upgraded M1 MacBook Air with a 512GB SSD for only $1,199 — a $50 savings, and this one doesn’t seem to have a time limit on it.
  3. For the M1 Mac mini, B&H is offering the base model for $639 — a $60 savings and the upgraded 512GB SSD model for $829, or $70 off. Both of these are also limited-time offers, but in this case they’re good until Nov. 28th at midnight.

Older Macs

Of course, if you’re still not sure you want to take the plunge into Apple’s own M1 chip, or you’re simply looking for a higher-end Mac configuration, there are some even better deals on older MacBooks that are still available at various retailers:

MacBook Air (Intel)

While Amazon had some great deals, most of these appear to be rapidly selling out, but it’s still worth checking back as stock levels may still fluctuate.

At Best Buy, you can get all of Apple’s early 2020 Intel MacBook Air models at $200 off across the board, bringing the entry-level 2020 Intel MacBook Air down to $799. These are some of the best discounts we’ve seen. By contrast, Apple is only offering a $50 gift card for these now-discontinued MacBooks, and you’ll have to visit an Apple Store in person to try and find one.

Best Buy is also offering $50 off AppleCare+ with the purchase of a new MacBook Air, and this offer includes the new M1 models as well so even though those newest MacBooks aren’t on sale, you’ll still save $50 if you planned on buying AppleCare+ anyway.

MacBook Pro (Intel)

Best Buy is also offering $250 off the various 16-inch MacBook Pro models, and $150 off on the 13-inch Intel models, which means you can pick up the entry-level 2020 Intel MacBook Pro for as little as $1,149.99, however Best Buy is also offering the same $150 discounts on the current Intel MacBook Pro models — the ones that haven’t been replaced by the new M1 version.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro can also be had at Best Buy for as little as $2,149 for a baseline configuration that includes an Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD, along with AMD Radeon Pro 5300M graphics.

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