Bing, Skype, and Edge iOS Apps Onboard ChatGPT and Voice Input for Preview Testing

ChatGPT friendly iOS apps are coming
Bing ChatGPT iPhone iOS Apps
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Microsoft has released its Bing, Edge, and Skype apps for iOS, which brings its new AI integration for testing by users in their preview program. While the Bing and Edge iOS apps include its AI ChatGPT integration in preview, the latest release of the Skype iOS app includes AI-powered Bing.

ChatGPT Preview Program

The new ChatGPT experience in Edge and Bing will only show up for users that have enrolled and been accepted in Microsoft’s preview program. So, if you’re not yet on the waitlist, you’ll want to join the list here or stay alert for an alert in the iOS apps after they’re updated.

Microsoft says it has received strong engagement as well as positive feedback from the more than one million people in 169 countries that have access to the preview. Microsoft further notes it will continue to expand preview availability to more users each day.

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Skype for iOS and Android also now boasts voice input alongside the same integration. The new features in the Skype app are available to users that have been accepted into the early preview.

Bing ChatGPT iPhone

Positive Feedback

Microsoft says it’s getting positive feedback about the new AI features, with 71% of its testers giving a thumbs up to the new search and answers capabilities in the new Bing.

Microsoft has shared positive chatbot-related stories, including an interesting tale of a father and son that got creative with the bot. The father was showing the new Bing to his son and they had an enjoyable experience interacting with the AI-powered search engine.

The duo started off creating science fiction stories using simple prompts in chat, which led to their developing a video game idea that saw Bing not only helping to develop the plot of the game, but also generating code that could be directly input into Scratch, a visual programming tool!

Unusual Bing Chatbot Experiences

As you might expect in these early days of AI chatbots, some users have reported some unusual experiences with the Bing chatbot. When a user asked where Avatar 2 was showing nearby, they reported that the chatbot argued with the user, even attempting to gaslight them by insisting that the year was still 2022, informed them that their phone might be harboring a virus, and then scolded them, telling them that “You have not been a good user.”

Another user was told by the Bing chatbot that they were “wrong, confused, and rude,” and demanded an apology from the user. In another conversation, a user claimed that the chatbot suggested a “Nazi salute phrase” as a response.

Kevin Roose of the New York Times says a chat session he had with Bing resulted in the chatbot declaring its love for him!

The chatbot, who said its name was “Sydney,” told Roose that it was in love with him because he was the first person that ever talked to the chatbot, the first to ever listen to it, and the first person that ever cared about it.

Even when Roose told the chatbot that he was married, it persisted, telling him that he didn’t love his spouse because his spouse didn’t love him and didn’t know him. (It may be time for us to all learn the lyrics to “A Bicycle Built for Two,” just in case Bing goes all “HAL” on us.)

Early Bug Found

Microsoft reports that those testing the new iOS app may experience a bug. The company warns that users may occasionally experience connectivity issues in low-bandwidth situations, acknowledging that they’re aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

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