Beyoncé Flaunts the Apple Watch You Can’t Have


Celebrity endorsements are one of the smartest ways to advertise products to the public. The perfect combination of beauty, sophistication, and popularity will make anyone feel the need to purchase a product.
What if you asked not just any celebrity, but Beyoncé, to wear your product? You’d surely create chaos in the marketplace. That’s exactly what Apple did and not surprisingly the internet went wild.


The kicker, you can’t purchase Beyoncé’s 18-carat-gold Apple Watch Edition featuring the extremely rare all-gold link band. The gold on gold watch is currently only available to Beyoncé and one other recognizable person, Karl Lagerfeld. Anyone who is not an A-lister must settle for the plain old 18-carat-gold Apple Watch Edition.

While some envious consumers might see the world-renown-trend-setter Beyoncé wearing the Apple Watch and immediately jump online to order one, other individuals were more interested in Beyoncé’s peculiar time-piece orientation.


Apple Insider points out “Interestingly, the Watch is being worn on Beyoncé’s right arm with Digital Crown facing away from the wrist, meaning she has not changed screen orientation settings for ‘left handed’ use. Apple Watch allows owners to flip the user interface from a general settings menu, accommodating both right- and left-handers.”

Whether Beyoncé actually knows how to flip the Apple Watch interface or if she even knows how to power her Apple Watch Edition on, consensus says she still looks flawless wearing it.

Expect to see more clueless celebrities wearing the Apple Watch Edition, due to what continues to be a very clever marketing ploy.

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