Best iPhone Apps to Watch and Minimize the Spread of Coronavirus

Best Apps to Watch Coronavirus Credit: atiger / Shutterstock
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With the coronavirus’ escalating growth in recent days, we’ve seen sports leagues, colleges, and businesses closing in hopes of preventing the spread. But unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation circulating around the world.

Whether it’s so-called cures or false cases of the virus, there are a lot of messages to sort through. Thankfully, Apple and others have provided a number of tools to keep the information accurate and reliable.

Not only does the company regulate which apps are allowed to broadcast notices to the public, but they have provided their own service to provide government/agency-sanctioned updates regarding the virus on a national and international level.

But what other apps and services are worth checking out?

Best Apps to Watch and Minimize Coronavirus


Healthylynked Coronavirus Tracker

The medical data firm HEALTHLYNKED released their own coronavirus tracker for the public to use. The app allows users to self-report their symptoms, as well as alert officials to possible infections. This data is then cross-referenced with the World Health Organization’s database, using a series of color-based trackers to note the state of an individual’s health.

Mind you, this app should be approached with discretion since any and all self-reported symptoms would need to be corroborated with medical officials and actual tests. But it provides a starting means for tracking how and where said infections might develop.

Wash Your Hands!

Wash Your Hands

An integral part of minimizing infection is personal hygiene. It has been consistently recommended by medical officials that people continuously wash their hands and do not touch their face. One way to encourage this as a habit is through a handwashing app.

Wash Your Hands, programmed by Kona Farry, will remind you to wash your hands on a consistent timer. The user sets the periods between reminders. Then they’ll be notified that it’s time to wash their hands once again.



Finally, we recommend getting the CDC app. It’s primarily a database regarding medical symptoms and conditions that exist in America. If there are any severe updates regarding the actual medical status of the country, the CDC is your go-to source for an update. They do not appear to have an infection tracker yet, but it is possible we might see one soon.

Your Local Newspaper or TV Network

NBC 7 San Diego App

Many state and local newspapers and networks are adding trackers and reporters to keep an eye on the evolving state of the community under these conditions, and will often report when there are positive cases within hours of being notified. If you do not have your local/state paper or favorite TV network’s app downloaded yet, now would be the best time to do so.

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