Best Buy Offering Free Extended Trials for Apple Services for Black Friday

Apple Services Credit: Best Buy
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In addition to the usual Black Friday deals on Apple gear, this year’s promotions also include some great opportunities to check out services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple News+.

Like last year, Apple is once again offering an extended three-month trial of Apple News+ through Cyber Monday for those who haven’t subscribed to the service before. As with most such free trials, the subscription will automatically renew at the usual $9.99/month price after the three months are up, although you can also roll it into an Apple One Premier bundle if you decide you want to keep it.

In that case, you’ll pay considerably less, as Apple One Premier also includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, and 2TB of iCloud Storage, all for $29.95/month. How much you save on Apple News depends on how much you value those other services, of course, but it ultimately works out to about half the price of purchasing them all separately.

Notably, however, it looks like Best Buy is offering some even better free trial promotions. As we noted yesterday, Best Buy is throwing in free trials for Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple News+ with the purchase of a $100 Apple Gift Card, which also includes a bonus $15 Best Buy Gift card. However, it turns out you can actually get these extended free trials directly — no purchase necessary.

Specifically, Best Buy has free Black Friday digital downloads for six-month free trials of Apple Music and Apple News+ — doubling Apple’s own offer — along with a three-month free trial of Apple TV+, and a two-month trial for Fitness+.

  1. Free Apple News+ for 6 months at Best Buy
  2. Free Apple Music for 6 months at Best Buy
  3. Free Apple TV+ for 3 months at Best Buy
  4. Free Apple Fitness+ for 2 months

To be clear, all of these are free trials for new customers only, so they can’t be used to simply extend your existing subscription.

If you’re a former subscriber to any of these services and have since cancelled, it’s unclear whether you’ll be able to take advantage of them, although Apple’s usual policy is to simply deduct any free trials you’ve already had. In other words, if you signed up for the standard one-month free trial of Apple News+, then Best Buy’s offer will give you another five months, rather than six.

Perhaps more significantly, however, these offers can also be purchased as gifts for other people. Since you’re buying them through Best Buy, they’re not automatically applied to your Apple ID. Instead, you get a redemption code that you could easily give to somebody else as a stocking stuffer.

This could be a great way to introduce friends and family members to some of Apple’s services, although you’ll want to make sure they understand when they sign up that they’ll start paying for it at the end of the trial unless they cancel their subscription.

It’s also worth noting that Best Buy is limiting these to one of each per customer, and you need to have a account to claim these offers, so you won’t really be able to pick up a bunch to hand out.

You’ll also get the same six-month free trial for Apple Music if you pick up a set of AirPods from Best Buy, which are currently on sale for up to $60 off for Black Friday, and Apple is offering the free Apple Music, Apple News+, and Apple TV+ trials automatically with the purchase of the Magic Keyboard for $12.9-inch iPad Pro, which is currently on sale for $199 — $150 off the normal price.

However, these deals are no better than what Best Buy is allowing you to claim for free through its Apple Gift Cards offers, so there’s no need to buy hardware unless you’re looking to take advantage of the better sales.

In fact, the only free trial with purchase offer that’s any better is Best Buy’s Apple Watch deals, which include a six-month free trial for Apple Fitness+ — double what Apple itself is offering. Sadly, Best Buy is only offering Black Friday discounts of up to $60 on last year’s Apple Watch Series 6 and SE models.

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