Best Buy Now Offering iPad Pro and Apple Watch Ultra via its Upgrade+ Program

Best Buy Store Credit: Sanvada / Shutterstock
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Best Buy has announced that it is expanding its Upgrade+ pay-as-you-go program to include additional Apple products, specifically Apple’s iPad Pro and Apple Watch Ultra.

In October 2022, Best Buy began offering select Macs via the program, with financing provided by the Citizens Pay “buy now pay later” service. Best Buy added additional Mac models to the program in December 2022.

On Wednesday, the retailer announced the addition of the iPad Pro and Apple Watch Ultra into the Upgrade+ program. The Upgrade+ program provides an opportunity for customers to spread payments over 36 months when purchasing qualifying devices.

At the 37-month mark, customers will have a decision to make. They can upgrade to a newer device, pay a final (larger) payment and keep the device, return the device and trade up to a newer model, or simply return the device and leave the Upgrade+ program.

To illustrate how the plan work, customers that purchase an iPad Pro or Apple Watch Ultra will pay as little as $17.32 per month for 36 months. They will pay a final payment of $175.78 in the 37th month. These figures are based on an original price of $799.

Here is how Best Buy explains the Upgrade+ program:

After 36 months, customers who purchase select models will have the option to:

Upgrade to a newer model by returning the qualifying product and remaining in the program
Make the final payment to keep the device that was originally purchased
Or simply return the device and leave the program.

If a customer chooses to either upgrade to a newer model or to return the original product, Best Buy will make the final payment on their behalf.

AppleCare+ is also available through the program to keep their devices protected, as well as select Apple accessories. Financing options are available for these additional purchases over 36 months.

If you’re a member of Best Buy’s Totaltech program and opt to buy an Apple Watch Ultra or iPad Pro through the Upgrade+ program, you’ll also receive standard AppleCare+ coverage included as part of your membership at no extra cost to you, for up to 24 months. On June 27, Best Buy will transition Totaltech to My Best Buy Total, which will still include the AppleCare+ coverage.

Best Buy’s Upgrade+ program is similar to Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, which allows customers to get an iPhone without a carrier commitment, allowing users to select a carrier, or even change carriers, as they desire.

The iPhone Upgrade Program allows customers to upgrade to a new iPhone every year if they have made at least 12 payments. AppleCare+ insurance is always included by default, although buyers will pay an additional fee if they choose to upgrade to AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss.

The monthly payment amount for the program depends on which iPhone model is selected. For example, if a customer opts for a 128GB  iPhone 14, they’ll pay 24 payments (12 if they upgrade) of $39.50 per month.

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