BeatsX Buyers Receive Codes for 3 Free Months of Apple Music

People Are Receiving 3 Free Months of Apple Music with the Purchase of BeatsX Wireless Earphones
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Apple officially began selling those hot new BeatsX wireless Earphones via the company’s official website. And while we know a few, bits-and-pieces details about the wireless (but not 100% wireless), W1 chip-equipped headset, a few early adopters have uploaded their unboxing and first impression videos to YouTube, within which it was discovered that a free 3-month subscription to Apple Music is included in every box.

In his video titled ‘Beats X Wireless vs Apple AirPods!’, which can be viewed below, John Morrison talks about his first impressions on the new earphones: namely, what he likes about them, including their seamless connectivity thanks to the W1 chip, as well as the surprising fact that Apple has included a gratis, 3-month membership to Apple Music within the box. Morrison also touches on his opinion of the biggest advantage of BeatsX Earphones over Apple’s similarly-priced AirPods, which would be the fact that they feature a remote built into the wire connecting them. In this way, Morrison notes, users can control the volume and track playback right from the wire, itself, rather than having to do so using Siri or manually adjust it via their iPhone or Apple Watch, as is the case with AirPods.

Another video, titled ‘Are the NEW BeatsX Wireless Dope or Nope?’, which was uploaded earlier this week by YouTuber, UrAvgConsumer, an even closer look at BeatsX Earphones is offered up, including a good view the traveling case included in each box, a side-by-side comparison of BeatsX with other, similarly-styled, neck strap headsets, in addition to actual tests of audio quality, which were carried out by listening to a number of tracks from different genres.

If you like what you see in the videos, and you’re in the market for a pair of wireless headphones that are NOT AirPods, feel free to check out Apple’s website, where you can currently snag a pair of your own in either White or Black for just $149.95. And don’t forget, once you get your hands on them, to register your BeatsX Earphones and enter the code provided over on the official Beats By Dre website to activate your free 3 months of Apple Music.

Will you be picking up a pair of BeatsX Earphones? Let us know in the comments!

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