BACtrack Unveils World’s First Alcohol Monitoring Apple Watch Band

BACtrack Unveils World’s First Alcohol Monitoring Wearable — And It Fits on an Apple Watch Band
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Breathalyzer startup BACtrack unveiled an Apple Watch band that can monitor your blood alcohol levels on the go.

The wearable, dubbed the BACtrack Skyn, is actually a separate device that comes with its own wristband along with Apple Watch strap options, according to AppleInsider. The device not only tracks accurate BAC levels in real-time, but it can help clue users as to how quickly their body metabolizes alcohol, how quickly they get drunk, and even lets them know when they’re within the legal limit again.

Within the corresponding app, users can set it to send an alarm or notification when they blood alcohol content has reached the legal limit. As well as tracking current BAC, the device can reportedly give an idea where that level will be after their last drink. Users can even add notes to their app — like the exact moment they had their first drink — to help track how quickly alcohol hits their system.

While the device could turn out to be a popular tool for drinkers across the globe to monitor and track their drinking, the company said its true potential lies in medical research. Unlike standard alcohol monitoring, which relies on self-reporting and breath-based testing, BACTrack Skyn can allow real-time, reliable monitoring by researchers and analysts, according to CNET. The end result is a device which could help foster better treatment options.

BACTrack’s newest device was first unveiled at the CES 2017 trade show in Las Vegas this week. At the show, the startup did not mention whether Skyn will be compatible with Apple’s HealthKit — but previous BACTrack devices and the company’s app already have HealthKit support, so it’s a likelihood that Skyn will, as well.

BACTrack Skyn is expected to cost around $99, and should be released in the US sometime over the summer.

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