Are You a New MacBook Owner? You’ll Want These Eight Great Accessories

Best MacBook Accessories 2021
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A MacBook by itself is probably the best tool you can have for work or school. Whether you need to write an essay, edit a video, or binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows, your MacBook can do all that (and more). But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your workspace. Sure, a MacBook is great, but there are several things you can add to make it even better!

For example, there are a few downsides to the MacBook, including its limited amount of ports and storage capacity. That being said, some accessories will take your MacBook to another level and can even boost your productivity at work. Here are some amazing MacBook Accessories you’ll want to try.

Apple Magic Keyboard

A great way to improve your posture and avoid discomfort is to add a wireless keyboard to your setup, especially if you’re using a stand. And you know the go-to option is Apple’s very own Magic Keyboard. There’s probably not much to say that you don’t already know about the Magic Keyboard – it works perfectly with other Apple products and is even rechargeable. Sure, it’s a bit too small for some people, but that also means that it’s great for tight workspaces.

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Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse1

In the long run, using a Bluetooth mouse might be better for your hand than using the trackpad, especially when working for extended periods – and the obvious choice is the Apple Magic Mouse 2. Even though it’s not a good choice if you want to charge it while you’re using it, and it’s a bit on the expensive side, the Magic Mouse 2 is a great option that looks beautiful and works flawlessly with your MacBook. It will help you work more precisely, especially if you’re editing a video or a picture, without relying solely on the trackpad. The rechargeable battery holds a charge for weeks, too.

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Nulaxy MacBook Stand

MacBook Stand

If you’re planning on working for hours on end, you should own MacBook Stand. Experts recommend having your monitor right below your eye level, which you can’t do with a regular MacBook and desk. A MacBook stand will help you improve your posture, so you won’t feel sore or uncomfortable after working for so many hours on your MacBook. This MacBook Stand is light and strong, and its ergonomic design is made with aluminum alloy. Plus, it’ll give your MacBook proper ventilation, which is an excellent solution for your MacBook’s overall health.

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Hiearcool USB-C Hub

USB C Adapter

As we mentioned before, having just a few ports can hurt your productivity, especially if you need to use your USB drive, external hard drive and charge your MacBook at the same time. For days like this, using a USB-C Hub is an excellent solution. This USB-C Hub has a place for everything you need – from your USB drive to your SD card and more. It even comes with an HDMI port that supports 4K resolution. The best part is that you can connect your iPhone to the hub, and it’ll charge alongside your MacBook. This USB-C hub supports up to 100 watts to charge everything that’s connected to the hub.

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Apple USB-C to USB Adapter

Apple USB C to USB Adapter

If you don’t want to carry around a hub with you all day, you can try using a USB-C to USB adapter, and there’s no better option for the Mac than this Apple adapter. As you’d expect from Apple, this adapter is tiny but efficient. It’s small enough that it won’t get tangled, and you can easily plug it in and use it to move files from any device that still uses USB-A. You can also use it to charge your iPhone if you’re still using an older cable.

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Samsung T7 External Drive

Samsung SSD

Although the MacBook is great, most of the base model MacBooks don’t have enough storage. Sure, newer MacBooks come with 256GB of storage, but even that’s not enough if you’re working with large files. If you’re running out of space, or you want to backup your MacBook, you should consider the Samsung T7 external solid-state drive, better known as an SSD. This SSD is small and portable, but it comes with a punch. You can store up to 2TB worth of files, pictures, music; you name it. It all depends on what size you choose. But even if you go for the smaller 500GB SSD, you still get almost twice as much storage as the standard MacBook model.

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Mosiso MacBook Case

MacBook Case

I’m guilty of dropping everything I get my hands on – hopefully, you aren’t like me, but it’s best to protect your MacBook with a case if you are. This Mosiso MacBook Case is meant to keep your MacBook protected without making it look bulky or awkward to move. Its minimal design will keep your MacBook protected against scratches and light falls while making it look cooler and will stand out from other MacBooks. Additionally, it comes in a bunch of colors. If you want to customize your MacBook and give it a fresh look, this is the perfect way to do so. 

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Urban 21 Commuter Bag

Urban 21 Commuter Bag

Of course, there’s no better accessory for your MacBook than one that lets you carry everything in a single place. And a trendy, functional choice is the Urban 21 Commuter Bag. This backpack has enough space to store everything you need like your MacBook, iPhone, headphones, chargers, or anything else. Its varying device-dedicated pockets let you store it all safely and keep everything organized. It’s even water-resistant and features anti-theft pockets, a hard shell space for your glasse/sunglasses, and much, much more.

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