Apple’s tvOS Has the Best User Interface Around, Claims Disney CEO

Apple’s tvOS Has the Best User Interface Around, Claims Disney CEO

Praising Apple for having created what he called the most user-friendly television experience ever, CEO of Disney and Apple board member, Bob Iger, also noted that tvOS’s fluency and ease of use are ideal for content creators and consumers alike.

In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg, Iger was asked about the potential for future collaborations between Disney and Apple. And while the Disney CEO declined to reveal any future plans, in particular, he did go on to say that Disney has a great working relationship with Apple, and he “expects that bond to continue.”

Automatic Apple TV Update Adds New App CategoriesHe also noted that the new fourth-generation Apple TV set-top box is a good thing for Disney, primarily because of how user friendly the device is. Iger mentioned that devices providing a better consumer experience are generally good news for content creators such as Disney.

“This may sound like a blatant commercial for Apple, but the Apple TV box and the interface that it provides is the best user experience I have seen, ever, for television users. As an intellectual property creator or as a content creator, that’s great news for us,” Iger said in the interview.

Iger’s endorsement of Apple’s latest TV should come with very little shock factor, however, especially considering how the Disney CEO also serves on the board of directors at Apple; and that late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs was Disney’s largest individual shareholder by way of the Pixar acquisition in May of 2006.

Even despite the company’s history, however, Iger’s endorsement rings good news for the future of the Apple TV and, more specifically, its tvOS App Store — which is 100% dependent on content from third-party creators. And, just in case you didn’t already know, Disney happens to be one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry — responsible for any and all content emerging from Pixar, Marvel Studios, in addition to the blockbuster “Star Wars” franchise, the ABC family of networks, and much more.

Aside from his ownership of millions of dollars in AAPL stock, Iger has held a seat on the Silicon Valley tech-giant’s board of directors since being elected to his post in 2011.

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