Apple’s Refreshed Site Touts the Conveniences of HomeKit

Apple's Refreshed Site Shows Conveniences of HomeKit Credit: Apple
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Apple has unveiled a refreshed website showcasing the capabilities of its HomeKit ecosystem and associated Home app.

The HomeKit framework works with over 50 brands to put “your home at your command” as the Home app groups smart appliances by room, allowing you to control them from any room in your house using an Apple device.

The Home website facelift also comes with a new 45-second ad depicting a day in the life of a woman using the Home app for iOS 10. Specifically, the ad demonstrates how using the Home app’s various “scenes” to control your smart home can help ease the way you navigate your daily life.

The video opens with the woman waking up and greeting Siri, prompting the familiar AI assistant to open the shades and turn on the lights. The woman opens her Home app and presses the “Breakfast Time” scene, which turns on her coffee maker via an iHome SmartPlug.

As she departs, the woman taps on the “Lock Up” scene, which locks her Kwikset smart lock and turns off appliances in the house as well as her Honeywell smart thermostat. When she returns, the “I’m Home” scene unlocks the door and turns the lights back on.

When she’s ready for a movie in the evening, the woman goes to her fourth-gen Apple TV and tells Siri “It’s movie time” which dims the lights and lowers the shades.

It’s a neat and futuristic vision of life lived in a smart home, though retrofitting your home with so many smart appliances will require you to fork over a considerable sum of money.

View Apple’s refreshed site and HomeKit ad here.

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