Apple’s Newest Technology Could Eliminate Autocorrect Error Embarrassment Forever

Apple's Newest Technology Could Eliminate Autocorrect Error Embarrassment Forever
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It happens all too often: we find ourselves in a hurry, forced to quickly and haphazardly type a text message or email, and then we rush to send it out — most of the time without even double-checking the correspondence for any signs of inaccuracy. From punctuation (in some instances), even to the out right misspelling of complete words, some of us have learned unfortunately, a lot of those misspelled words end up being Autocorrected to the farthest thing from what we meant to say.

Of course, Apple’s iOS software keyboard is one of the best around, boasting a multitude of text correction, replacement, and even punctuation quick fixes — not to mention, it features all of those cool settings to help expedite and minimize the typing process as a whole. However, it’s a general rule of thumb that we always have a room to grow, right? There’s always ways to build upon and improve certain frameworks in our lives — even when, on the surface, they seem nearly foolproof.

Well, some good news, we think, is that Apple appears to have officially hopped aboard the innovation bandwagon, once again — as one of the Silicon Valley tech-giant’s more recent patents has been revealed, outlining, in vivid detail, a new method by which Autocorrect fails may soon become a thing of the past.

The patent describes a process by which iOS would be able to highlight certain words or phrases (presumably so errors appear more obvious) to help the end recipient to see what has been corrected.


“The system will not display the original text message, but instead will highlight the words that Autocorrect replaced. In a way, this is the phone’s way of taking responsibility for the possible misunderstandings from the text. It could also save a lot of time and back-and-forth explanatory dialogue that happens when a hurried sender types and sends messages without double checking” according to Tech Times.

While most smartphones already feature a system whereby certain misspelled words are underlined for the sender to see, Apple’s latest vision is of a completely refined system, by which any incorrect words are highlighted to give the recipient a better, more pronounced idea of what is spelled wrong and where it can be found in the text.

The whole concept sounds a bit like the ‘Tracking Changes’ feature in Microsoft Word, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is. However, unlike Tracking Changes, iPhone will intelligently learn from your typing algorithms to suggest word replacements for anything misspelled.

We really don’t understand how, or even why, Apple decided to have this process patented. And we certainly don’t understand how it could ultimately be implemented. But hey, this is Apple, right? If there’s anything they’ve taught us over the years, it’s that there’s always a way to innovate — even upon a concept that just seems, well, strange.

No word on when (or even if) this will become a feature of iOS, but we assume it won’t be too long until we find out. And we’ll definitely keep you posted as new developments arise.

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