Apple’s New ‘TV’ App for Apple TV and iOS Will Streamline Your Shows Across Devices

Apple's New 'TV' App for Apple TV and iOS Will Streamline Your Shows Across Devices
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Apple kicked off its special ‘Hello again’ media event on Thursday morning by showcasing an all-new, forthcoming app for tvOS, which the Cupertino-company is calling “TV.” The app seeks to consolidate and simplify the way you access your television content, making it easier than ever before to access said content on either your Apple TV, or your iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad.

“It will completely change how you watch TV with your Apple TV, as well as with your iPhone and iPad,” Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, proclaimed at the event.

Upon launching, Apple’s TV app will feature a “Watch Now” page by default, displaying a summary of curated content and top picks based on your prior search terms and genre interests. What’s more, not only can new content be discovered directly from the Watch Now panel, but whatever you elect to watch will automatically be placed in the app’s “Up Next” queue — allowing you to pick right up watching where you left off on your other device.

Additionally, a “Library” tab will display any previously purchased content from the iTunes Store, while new content can easily be discovered and downloaded via the “Search” tab.

Apple’s new TV app will also feature enhanced Siri integration, as well, which was shown off on stage by Senior Apple TV designer, Jen Flouse. In her demonstration, Flouse inquired Siri to start playing a particular episode of FOX’s popular sitcom, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” — at which point said episode began playing, exactly where she last left off. 

In another on-stage demonstration, Siri’s new support for controlling your live TV viewing was shown off. For instance, Siri can now be asked to tune into live, on-demand programming, such as a college football game on ESPN, or an afternoon cooking show. At the same time Siri was asked to watch the specified programming, she was also able to switch with ease between other apps, their content, and even playing games.

According to Tim Cook, his company’s all-new TV app will be available by the end of the year — December to be more precise — via free software updates for iOS and tvOS. 

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