Apple’s New MacBook Pro Absolutely Demolishes Competition, Outsells Comparable Windows PCs By Wide Margins

Apple’s New MacBook Pro Absolutely Demolishes Competition, Outsells Comparable Windows PCs By Wide Margins
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The initial consensus on Apple’s recent MacBook Pro with OLED Touch Bar release, is that the machine is a powerful, innovate step in the right direction. However, even despite the notebook’s rave reviews and stellar performance, construction, and wealth of features, Apple has nevertheless faced an onslaught of criticism and backlash over the exorbitant price — even having to defend itself amidst said criticism, as the Silicon Valley tech-giant has sought vigorously to justify it.

Surprising as it may seem, though, none of the criticism lodged against Apple has been sufficient enough to deter potential users — regardless of whether they’re first-time MacBook Pro users, die-hard fanatics, or even strapped-for-cash college students on a budget.

As a matter of fact, new data presented in a report this week from Slice Intelligence — a leading consumer product sales and logistics tracking firm — may paint the most vivid picture of Apple’s success hustling its latest MacBook Pro so far.

According to the Slice report, not only has Apple’s late-2016 MacBook Pro generated an estimated 700% more revenue than the company’s 12-inch MacBook since the machine’s release over a year and a half ago, but Cupertino’s latest Mac powerhouse has, within just 5 days of its release, been able to outsell many of the comparable, high-end Windows PC notebooks in its same class.

These competitors include, for instance, Dell’s 13-inch XPS, high-performance laptop, which the MacBook Pro outsold by 200%; and even Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, which the MacBook Pro was able to outpace by a revenue margin of about 400%.

As iPhoneHacks was quick to note, the popularity of Apple’s inherently pricey, 2016 MacBook Pro has likely been driven in large part by the many potential customers who have for long been holding out on upgrading to the next MacBook Pro — many of whom were waiting, eagerly, for a machine as truly revolutionary and powerful as what Apple delivered just a few short weeks ago.

Of course, the high demand for Apple’s latest-and-greatest MacBook Pro could also, just as easily, be due to the sheer fact that it’s an intuitive, super-sleek, and technologically advanced laptop.

Oh yeah, and, just in case you were thinking that it’s all rainbows, unicorns, and bubbly champagne up at 1 Infinite Loop, you might want to think again. The same Slice Intelligence report, ironically enough, also alleges “approximately 40% of buyers who purchased a MacBook in 2014 switched to a Windows PC, with Dell and Asus being able to lure in the most customers.” 

Are you planning on picking up one of Apple’s late-2016 MacBook Pros?
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