Apple’s New Lightning EarPods Are Already Facing Glitches

Apple’s New Lightning EarPods Are Already Facing Glitches
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There’s always a pretty good chance that at least the first few units of a new product will, out of the box, by plagued by certain glitches. However, when the products are created by a company like Apple, you can all but rest assured that a forthcoming solution is in the works, even long before the issue at play becomes statistically prevalent.

That being said, when a multitude of iPhone 7 early adopters began reporting about an issue with Apple’s all-new Lightning EarPods, which are bundled with each iPhone 7 handset in the box, the company was quick to spring into action — offering disgruntled users the hope of an impending fix, which the Cupertino-company claims will be coming in a near-future software update.

The issue, you might be wondering, apparently has to do with Apple’s new Lightning EarPods. As several users have reported thus far, when the headphones are plugged into the iPhone 7’s Lightning port longer than 5 minutes, the volume controls will stop working — even though the music you’re listening to will still play on at its current volume level.

The glitch, however, appears to manifest on a more arbitrary basis — meaning that, for most users, the Lightning EarPod volume controls don’t stop working every single time; but rather, on a more random, spontaneous basis.

While Apple has both acknowledged the issue, and promised a forthcoming software update to rectify it, the company is for the time being suggesting that affected users simply unplug, and then plug their Lightning EarPods back into the port.

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