Apple Music Mood and Activity Playlists Are Now Live (Over 250 of Them)

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Alongside the new Siri-based Apple Music Voice Plan that Apple announced earlier this week, the company highlighted a whole new way to call up curated playlists tailored to almost any activity or mood you could think of.

Whether you want to play something chill, host a toddler party, or zone in on work, the list promises to offer something for everyone, and now it looks like they’re already live on Apple Music.

While the new set of mood and activity playlists seemed expressly designed to provide a launching point for users of the upcoming $4.99 Voice Plan, they’re of course not exclusive to that plan, so every Apple Music user will be able to enjoy them.

It also turns out that Apple Music users won’t need to use Siri to access them, as the new playlists are appearing in the Music app just like all of Apple’s other curated playlists… and it turns out there are a lot of them.

More than 250 Moods and Activities

There’s no single collection in the Music app that lists all the new playlists, but they’ve started to pop up mixed in with the rest in places like For You and Browse, so the diligent folks over at MacStories decided to dig in deeper and track down every one of them.

They managed to come up with more than 250, broken down into 20 categories:

  1. Happy includes upbeat playlists for things like Feeling Good, Good News! and Singing in the Shower.
  2. Feeling Bad offers up playlists for sadness, loneliness, or just being generally under the weather.
  3. Angry is perhaps the most basic category of all, allowing you to vent with either a Feeling Angry or Feeling Mad playlist.
  4. Chill includes everything from playlists for spa days to those that will help you get to sleep or relieve stress. Mindfulness and meditation playlists are here, too, along with one that’s just Elevator Music.
  5. Confidence and Optimism include playlists for hope and getting ready to go out, and even a New Hair, New Me playlist.
  6. Self-Care lets you take some quiet moments to reflect, hit the reset button, and start fresh.
  7. Inspiration and Focus offers up Inspiration, Deep Focus, Peaceful Focus, and Creative Focus.
  8. Work and Study has playlists to provide musical accompaniment for just about every work task you can imagine. Need a playlist for Checking Email? Yup, that’s here, plus ones for more practical categories like Brainstorming, Coding, and Hitting the Books.
  9. Get Going and Get Out combines playlists to help you hit the day running in the morning, from Wake Me Up! to Morning Coffee and Starting the Day Right, along with Ready to Party playlists for bachelor and bachelorette parties cocktail parties, pool parties, and beach parties.
  10. Romantic has the obvious choices like Love and First Dance, along with a few eclectic ones like Long-Distance Relationship and Square Dancing.
  11. Family and Celebrations gives you everything from a nice Family Time mix to playlists for milestone birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Baby Showers, and Thanksgiving Dinner. There are even ones here for Walking to School and dropping off the kids.
  12. Workout playlists are pretty much what you’d expect and enhance what’s already available for Apple Fitness+ users.
  13. Sports and Games offers up a mix for everything from Skateboarding and Table Tennis to Basketball and Golf.
  14. Activities is the potpourri of everything that doesn’t fit somewhere else, whether that’s sitting On the Porch, getting a Mani/Pedi, or playing Drinking Games.
  15. Doing Chores proves that maybe Mary Poppins was right, and a spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down. Here you’ll find mixes for Yard Work, Running Errands, Cleaning My Room, and more.
  16. Driving and Transportation is for those times when you’re never really quite sure what to call up in your car. With these, you can Cruise Around Town, take a Country Drive, or just enjoy some appropriate tunes on your Morning Commute.
  17. Places offers an interesting collection of city-themed playlists, such as A Day in New York City, A Day in Paris, and A Day in Tokyo, with other locations that include Nashville, Berlin, Chicago, London, Seoul, and Rome. There are also more generic ones for when you’re hanging out at the Lake House or taking a Mountain trip.
  18. Meals lets you get just the right mix whenever you’re sitting down to eat, with the usual Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunch entries, plus ones for Eating Outside, Making Coffee, or enjoying Breakfast in Bed.
  19. Seasons and Weather gives you mixes for each of the four seasons, plus ones for a Rainy Day or Snow Day, Sunny Day or Cloudy Day.
  20. Zodiac covers the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and we’re going to be pretty shocked if The 5th Dimension’s greatest hit doesn’t show up in at least one of these.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg, and you can find the whole list over at MacStories, where the team has also created a helpful Siri Shortcut that will let you call up any playlist directly from your iPhone or iPad (or a Mac running macOS 12 Monterey), organized by category.

The new playlists are distinguished by their use of animated cover art that features simple abstract line drawings intended to reflect the overall theme or mood of the playlist. Each playlist also includes only its “Hey Siri” trigger phrase in the description.

Apple has yet to share details on when users will be able to sign up for the new $4.99 Apple Music Voice Plan, only saying that it’s coming later this fall, but at least it looks like the new playlists are ready to go.

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